30 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 7 Offer #1: Closed auction: IS-2

  1. ain’t even worth a mil.. thx for early info, could have been gold.. so there would be more chance on Cromwell being for credits…

  2. We really want/need more IS clones… said no one waiting for a real T8 cred auction… Fuck this garbage… And how much its worth?… it’s selling price, 1,080,000… so you can have a free slot and show your contempt for such garbage useless offers in BM.

  3. 2.🇮🇹Progetto M35 mod. 46 – auction🇲🇫Somua SM – Selling
    9.🇬🇧Cromwell B – auction
    10. 🇲🇫Bretagne Panther – auction
    11.🇺🇸M54 Renegade – auction
    12.IS-3A– auction
    But only 3 offer left. Seems like the cromwellb pretagne or maybe progetto will not be in the offer

    1. 4 offers left. if we get one offer on the 11th, as per announcement. Total 16 offers, and this (IS-2) is the 12th offer.

  4. the only thing good this tank have is alpha damage and the bia crew. do they sale it with bia crew, on black market?

  5. Interesting that the leaked image suggested a straight sale, and its actually an auction. The only thing interesting about this turd offer.

    1. what is so bad about it? it is a tier 7 premium tank ,it’s one of those I don’t have…ill put 3M on it

        1. It’s just like the tech three IS, would be the shorter answer
          And of course it’s gonna be shite trying to spot and snipe in an open field; that big ass alpha rules in cities tho

        2. I actually agree that it isn’t bad, but what’s the point of buying it when everybody and their mother got a free IS-2 shielded? And then there’s the IS-2M, which I personally think is a little superior. There’s just too many IS-2’s, and BiA crews aren’t what they used be with crew 2.0 looming … depending on what they will do with that eventually, of course.

          Btw, I am not sure this comes with a BiA crew at all …

          1. As far as I know, the IS-2S is a tad slower
            And, well, I imagine there are plenty of people who might’ve missed the event

            Or maybe it’d just be nice to have the same tonk in a few different iterations, to have or test out different equipment configs on it without having to spend on demounting and new equipment

            I dunno. On a personal note, I got the 2S in the (very nice) bots event, so don’t really need this one myself, but I bid 2M just in case. If I get it (though I highly doubt that) I’ll just play it differently to the 2S. Might even mount binocs and turbo on this one :))))

            And yeah, it’d be dumb to come with a BIA crew, I’m sure WG aren’t that stoopeed. Wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever, at least to me

  6. Minimum Bid on EU was 4.141414
    Three of us did this amount and only the first two bids won.

  7. Wait, you retards actually bid on this and at something over $1mil credits? Lmfao, jesus christ, the playerbase is more retarded than previously thought.

    1. who is actually retarded here? players that pay 3 mil credits for a prem tank that they can earn more credits in eventually making a net profit, or uniclowns that pay 30+ mil for a t22 or 5a with clownskin? do you understand that the is2 will earn back those 3 mil while the t22 and 5a with all the premammo will just lose even more credits?

  8. I got this one, my bid was 50% more than what a tech tree tier X goes for because I actually wanted it and didn’t figure too many people would chase it that high. 🙂 Cosmetically I like the IS-2M better, it also has marginally better gun handling, armor and 20 more hit points but the IS-2 has marginally better mobility. While the IS-2M is probably the (slightly) better tank the IS-2 is based on a real historically significant vehicle just like the Eagle 7 and a few others in the game so that’s kind of cool. Speaking of cosmetics the markings on this tank are like the permanent decals such as the Cromwell B has rather than a permanent style like the Patriot so you can put the camo or style of your choice on it. Oh yeah, this one came with a normal 100% crew not a 0 skill crew.

    The IS-2 fits into my current crew training strategy. I have the Churchill III which is great for getting the first skill or two on a new heavy crew because skills don’t matter so much down at tier V. Once they’ve gotten that basic training I can graduate them to the IS-2 that plays more like the traditional tech tree heavies I am interested in. The IS-3A isn’t as good of a trainer with its 3 crew members and the IS-2 has the advantage of being free even if the Defender and 703 Version II are much more powerful vehicles. The IS-6B with its preferential matchmaking is of interest to me and it can be had for free in the bond shop but right now I’d rather have more bond equipment. I’m not too worried about the power level anyway, in the first place I’ve played the tier VII tech tree equivalents and done very well in them and for another thing I’ve got other premiums such as the 274a and STA-2.

    The IS-2 is nowhere near the most epic vehicle in the game but it’s solid for the tier. There’s good reasons somebody might want it and you definitely shouldn’t feel bad about getting it if you enjoy it. The thing is a real monster when top tier and even when you’re bottom tier those IX’s are going to feel it when you hit them.

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