36 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 1 Offer #1: TL-1 LPC Auction

  1. Bid 3.6M, it’s not worth more if you ask me. If there’re so many suckers willing to fork over that much, Imma just keep my creds to myself, thank you very much. Decent tank, but not nearly as good as other Prems out there

  2. I have it. It’s a decent enough tank; nothing to write home about, but if I hadn’t got it I would definitely go for it.

    Btw, I guess this version does not include the BiA crew and the Offspring skin, but the crew is silly and probably pretty much just another crew anyway after crew 2.0, and the Offspring skin is ugly as fuck; first thing I did when buying the tank was to take this abomination off.

    1. You are not well informed. Another list was leaked 1 hour ago and is based on the source files.

      Pretty sure TAP will post them soon.

  3. 5-7M should suffice. 5.5M should be safe, while 7M+ would get for sure on EU. Not sure about NA, as lot quantity is a bit low (with a smaller playerbase, but that generally negatively affects bids). If you really want the tank, bid closer to 7M, specially as its the first offer, ppl play extra, and later they will empty their wallets on some T10 offer and place smaller bids (if applicable).

  4. I bid 5M…its not like I need it…but if I can get it for that price ok…if not-that is ok too

  5. Insanely expensive for what it is, even the starting price of 3 million is almost twice as its recovery price (I already have the tank, bought it when it was first sold).

    People betting 6+ million probably don’t need credits, with that much you could buy a full price techtree Tier 10.

  6. Great offer for anybody who either needs a crew trainer for the Patton or a premium tank for credits. Looking at US premium mediums, this has to be the best of the bunch. If the Super P which I got in footlocker loot boxes didn’t just get buffed, I’d probably jump all over this.

  7. On EU, 6.21+ Million was the minimum successful bid. I know a few who got it for 6.3 and a few who didn’t for exact 6.2M. to be honest, the minimum/floor was higher than I expected given last year bids for Chrysler and Schwarzpanzer. Though they weren’t Day 1 auctions, when ppl are most excited and have the most creds to burn. Looks like a successful strat by WG to open with a credit auction. Surely there will at least be 1 actual Credit Sale for a T8 premium like the last two BMs. But I like that for such sales, we get a 5 min preview window to prep.

    Cheers to those who got the tank. I got mine for 7.1M.

  8. 6 million bid with over 7 and a half hours left was not enough to get in on EU. Rigged as usual.

  9. Got it for ~7.1 million.
    The tank is alright but nothing crazy OP like Progetto or Bourrasque, it might be the best of the many american mediums at tier 8 tho.

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