26 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 4 Offer #1: Škoda T 27 Auction

  1. Morning ones are gold meh deals/auctions. Luckily I play from Canada, and don’t have to wake up to check these deals. Its 11PM here, not 5AM.

  2. Not worth the base bid, let alone anything higher.

    I’d go so far as to say the CDC is better because higher pen, much higher acceleration and -10 gun depression.

    1. Meh , Škoda is good load 20 seconds , very nice gun … 600 dmg every 20 seconds + u can snipe on max range , great mobility and turret can dodge shot anytime

    1. I compare it with the progetto the other day. Progetto is better in almost every stats. Skoda is better only in intra clip reload and dispersion after shoot.
      I think 5600 is the maximum price it worth, and in NA the competitive bid is 7200.

      1. Sadly basically every tank at tier 8 sucks if you compare it to the Progetto…

        The thing is that in this case you can get a fairly decent premium medium tank (I mean, the only really bad thing is the sustained DPS) for under 6k gold, while if the Progetto comes up as a gold auction you probably won’t get it for less than 15 to 20k…

        1. Well is weird to compare others playstyle tanks. But yea compared with tier 8 autoloaders progetto mostly win.
          But you cant compare a lowe or ELC with a progetto.

    1. Depends on the server, the EU server STILL hasn’t reached 15000 bids so you’re pretty much guaranteed to get it for 5601 or 5602 gold here but I’ve heard it’s slightly higher on the NA server.

  3. I got mine for 7100…worth it. I have some mediocre Czech medium crews that I want to level up to be Czech heavy crews. Since this was the one thing that I really wanted I’m good for this iteration of the market. Again, I’m on NA.

  4. Absolute trashiest Autoloader WOT sells – bar none! Please do not ever compare this junk to the Progetto!!!!!!

  5. 5700 lowest bid got these for sure (on EU). Some claimed 5690 wins as well. These mediocre tanks are prime candidates for credit sales, yet put on gold auction. Let’s see if we get a few more good credit auctions for T8s.

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