57 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 14TH OFFER – BT-SV Auction

  1. They sayin that is the last offer .There was supposed to be one more . This was the worst event ever wargaming . THE WORST.

    1. Well…no. I got a premium tank for free so I must disagree. Give some reason why it was the worst event?

      1. It is better than last year for me actually, I got Lansen C, Chrysler K and Panzer 58 for collection.

        Last year I only managed to get T34B

    2. I disagree, i got a Chrysler for 4.6 million credits, a Caern AX for 6.5k gold (slightly overpaid but still cheaper than you could ever get it else), a Lansen for credits, a Lefh for 300 gold and the arty skin for another 300 gold. Overall the auctions made alot of the offers alot cheaper than when they sold items for a fixed amount. The offers were objectively better then last time because you could get a few real steals, you whiners just love to complain and bitch about everything. The only thing they kinda messed up was that the first offer “poped” at 5 AM, which is a bit inconvenient for people that dont have to get up early in the morning like me.

  2. This BM is one big mistake. Last year was 100% better, this year’s offer not much. What next will you put the tanks for the bones? 😀

  3. I just uninstalled. Done with this game. This event and their total lack of ownership of the issues with it have been the last straw. It was a good run.

    1. I’ll be uninstalling and not playing for quite some time as well, and that’s for one reason and one reason only. Because the one tank I actually wanted out of all of these offers was the SU-76i, and I was there right when it was supposed to be offered, and nothing ever showed on the BM. I even waited for some time afterward, and then they randomly put it for sale 2 and 1/2 hours after the posted time on NA without giving notice or even so much as an apology on the screw up. They literally said FU to everyone and said “sometimes you gotta roll with the punches. Rule #5.” Done with the abuse

    2. So you’ve played for so long and the reason you’re uninstalling now is this stupid event that doesn’t even affect your gameplay at all? That’s interesting. This is a very important time as well.

    3. So you’ve played for so long and the reason you’re uninstalling now is this stupid event that doesn’t even affect your gameplay at all? That’s interesting. Especially since now is a very important moment for WoT.

      1. I get him to be honest. WoT is their single income game and they treat their customers like crap. People will get fed up with the bs and will leave. I also think that I will take a break from it because this Event was the last drop of greediness from WG. I don’t care about their Rebalance at all at this point. I played last night 20 matches, all lost and I think now the next update will make people leave the game.

  4. Well it at least gives those who don’t have this tank an option to get it. However, it’s a really lousy finale to this event.

    1. I bought extra boxes in X-Mas event because I knew of the BM. I got me a Type G, so I got something out it, but fat chance I am gonna repeat the same next year.

      GL in getting me to spend similar money again WG.

      1. Sorry, VK and the rest of the WG team can’t hear you over the loud music in the strip club. Rest assured your money will be well-spent, however

  5. Well gentlemen, I think it’s not this offer that sets us up so much, it’s more the fact, that the BM in a whole was such a disappointment. A lot of us would sure be willing to give quite a bunch of gold or credits for getting something reasonable in exchange, something that’s exciting – but there hasn’t been that much of it in this BM run. To be honest, the most offers were rather casual instead and many people hoped for more. I think the highlights have been the Type59G and the FV 215b 183. A lot of the rest you can get on other occassions or they’ve been a hard grab on our gold or credits…

    1. And the SU-76i that was literally sold ONCE for only a few hours before it was suddenly pulled from the store YEARS back. I have waited years upon years for it. It didn’t show at the posted time on BM for NA due to “errors”, but then randomly showed 2 and 1/2 hours later, and they considered that sale to be valid because “sometimes you gotta roll with the punches. Rule #5”. The one tank I would have satisfied to have at least gotten. Definitely done with the game for quite some time, if not for good

  6. I don’t get what people were expecting? The only other tank they really could have offered which was unique was the t-22med but you can understand why they didn’t. I agree that the event was somewhat underwhelming (I would’ve loved if they offered the Foch155 again but I got the FV183 and a tier 8 prem tank for 3.2 mil credits) but at the same time they sold most of the unique tanks last year. There are only so many “special” tanks in the game that they can sell. As it is, they sold the LeFH, su76i, btsv, type59G, FV183 and the EBR75. I hate the wheelies but the EBR75 is OP and they rarely sell it so that was a big catch for those who didn’t have it.

    For F2P players, they had a chance to get a tier 8 prem for 3.2 mil credits! That’s pretty sweet. Not to mention the Lansen for 8-9 mil which is actually a good tier 8 premium tank. Chrysler went for 4.5 mil which is also a decent deal on a tank which can feel OP as top tier.

    Sure, I wanted more from the event and it was unfortunate I wasn’t fast enough to get the LeFH but the BM event was hardly as bad as people are making out to be.

    Now the Balance 2.0 on the other hand, that’s a whole different story!

    1. I would argue that testing of this new balance is very important and exciting. While this Black Market was a cheap attempt at hype by releasing lots from the previous BM and some actual garbage.

    2. i suppose those all whinning sealclubbers were expecting Defenders and Progettos for credits : ))

      1. Tier 8 is not sealclubber…
        Sealclubbers are those guys that play OP tier 5 and/or lower tiers tanks to beat up the new players and farm stats (wn8 and stuff).
        Above tier 6 or 7 it is not considered a sealclubber anymore… is just a guy/girl playing an OP tank

          1. Nobody is stat padding at tier 8. You can’t stat pad in OP premiums and you can’t play garbage tanks because you will be playing against OP premiums.

  7. Typical Wargame
    Russian logic mixed with Vodka & coke in liberal quantities at breakfast every day and all with OUR money

    Still what do we really expect I mean Really! there Russian 1 million miles removed from the rest of the World,

    Well try the new Balancing Tests on the Server (Wargame going for Suicide business decisions again looks like RUBICON mk2 – but far worse decisions this time, and its Wargame so they WILL do whatever they f*** like just for the drunk loll’s

    Black Market
    mostly full retard event
    the good bits were the T8 Lancen & T8 Schwatchpanzer for credits not Gold (maybe? USA Chrysler as well

    why Uninstall?
    WOT will kill itself Off/ damage WOT very badly within 2020 if WG actually do introduce the new ‘Balancing shells & Vehicles’ in spring (as it is shown today

    real shame WOT can be fun and mostly iv had a real blast playing it

    1. Name one bad thing about this new balancing thing. I’d argue that this rebalance is absolutely vital and should be done ASAP. But after proper testing, of course. That’s why we have the sandbox, to test it and leave feedback. It seems that you don’t have anything constructive to say, as usual.

      1. 4Real

        Obviously a Heavy tank or likely a Super Heavy tank player
        maybe a Bobject Player

        Vehicles with stupidly Over Armour so as you can press the ‘W’ key anywhere you like hmm?
        where Gold ammo is YOUR only balancing factor to keep you from slaughtering everyone for lol.s

        Shi* Things ….

        HE for the KV2 KEEPS its penetration + gets even more HE alpha!
        (cos its F****** Russian lol!

        HESH shells which are the only reason to play T9 to T10 British line ~ removed!
        (cos British and so go F*** yourself

        +2MM remains and with the hit point and Gun alpha increase +2MM guns are now even more powerful in comparison to -2MM bottom tier

        Tier 8 with +2MM will be unplayable now for above reasons
        (+2MM over armour REMAINS) it don’t matter at all the hit point increase small alpha increase if you STILL cannot pen T10’s with your puny T8 gun

        93 or whatever low Tiers ‘Hidden’ away = zero grind up tree experience for new players Tier 6 is HARD it see’s Tier 8 with experienced players (mostly lol

        and on and on
        Wargame listened to ZERO/ Nothing that we asked for this from there OWN Polls Forums they provided – we are Ignored over and over ..

        want more 4Real .. hmm?

        1. So out of all those things only over armored heavy tanks are the problem. But we’ll have to see how it all plays out on the test server. You haven’t played it even a minute, I’m sure.

  8. New Imbalance… making +2mm battles even worse for lower tiers. Now they die quicker to increased Alpha from T10s, cant dent the T10s HP pools even when using lower alpha Gold Shells. Complete BS. Direct buff to heavy armoured and High pen gun tanks, specially broken armour ones like 279(e). High pen gun tanks/TDs, which didn’t need gold shells anyway like T10 TDs, are buffed the most, now having even higher Alpha and DPM.

  9. I got death star, panzer, ebr and a skin for my arty. Much better bm for me this year than last one. Why so much drama?

    1. I don’t know why people are complaining that much aswell.

      Last BM I got the T34 Black and FV 215b (183) only.
      This time I got Chrysler, the black Mutz, skin for Obj 261 and BT-SV. I didn’t bought the Lansen because I already had it, otherwise I would buy it aswell.

      I just didn’t liked that they repeated a few tanks, but I guess it’s fair for those who didn’t got them last year. Besides that it was fine, I really enjoyed the new auctions and stuff. I already had the EBR but maybe 10k minimum is a little bit too much, but besides that one it was fine.

  10. I checked the https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2020/02/04/world-of-tanks-black-market-potential-tank-predictions-object-777-v2-coming/ post to see how good the peek into the glas orb was.

    Well 3 out of 14 predictions were correct: AMX 13 57, Type 59 G and a Tank Style.

    All other things were more like wishes.

    I was there for every our. For me the BM 2020 was overpriced rare Tier 2 and 3 Tanks (which are most likely just have collectors value), average Tier 8 Premiums except the Lansen and some random stuff, nobody needs really.

    Anybody a clue what the “3 barrel” tank hint could have been?

  11. How much of BM dissapointment is caused by sites like this running rumor mills for clicks and whipping players into a frenzy. Remember the wtf100 gold, remember the obj 777 v2 articles? I bet those are the most clicked. I’m not going to quit wot cause bm, i’m going to quit TAP.

    1. Wasn’t the one who posted them, but I understand. We will refrain from mentioning those tanks in the future.

      1. Not sure promising to stop writing at all abput a certain tank because ONE PERSON is salty about it wpuld be a good idea.

        Especially for the 777v2, as it might come out at some point

        1. It’s not about mentioning the tanks or writing about them ffs. It’s about hypeing the BM event with them. Just makes this site appear like undercover WG marketing clichee.

      2. I come for all kinds of news, don’t let certain individuals destroy something that happens here on a weekly/monthly basis. Some of us lack the knowledge such as golden WTE100 or 777v2. So getting some kind of info is nice, assuming there is a credible source. 🙂

  12. I dont really get, why most people here are that angry. I mean, no one is forced to buy anything from there.
    I got my micromaus, have a bid for the BT- SV (Credits are never an problen unless you spam gold like a peasant) and had a chance for Type 59 G.
    SU-76i would be nice. But that didnt work.
    So, this BM was okay for me. Most of the tanks i already own.

    1. Ok,as a veteran player,playing this game for a lot of years,let me wrap it up:
      An Arty skin?really?
      Obj 260 campaign orders?(very valuable for those who allready got this tank,like me,OR dont care to do missions).
      Tier 2 or 3 tanks,valluable ONLY for collectors?(collectors=WG victims).
      Lansen,the only decent premium.
      Chrysler GF,was it really that good for the game to bring thousands of this broken OP (WHEN TOP TIER) premium into randoms and frontline?might as well sell the defender again,that would be really fun.
      SchwarzPanzer,really now,not even commenting.
      FV 215, which was allready sold last year BM,which was allready owned by thousands of players before that,during the last 5-6 years……
      EBR,same thing as the Chrysler,people who were happy to get this overpriced (12.000 gold=roughly 50€ minimum bid,yeah what an offer….) OP light,will be the ones crying in the forums how 6000 more of them in the game will break the game even more,and they will be right.
      TYPE59G for 25.000 gold minimum bid (about 100€….!!!!),biggest scam EVER,cant believe people buy gold with REAL money,to spend it on THIS?…… And all of that in the most retarded time frame ever for EU.

      1. So, what do you expect? Some really new tanks? Or the tanks you want for the price you want?
        Even if this Event would have no tank at all for me, i dont understand that anger. And i play this game since 2012.

  13. I think what is really disappointing all of us is the clear lack of care or respect to any server outside RU and EU. We get 1600 units, they get 50000. How is this even remotely fair to any player

    1. That didn’t happened lol… What might’ve happened was EU getting 1 600 and RU getting 5 000 not 50 000. And it is totally understandable. Compare the size of EU to the size of RU. How many players they have in RU and how many they have in EU?

      If it was 50 000 show me the proof and then I’ll agree with you.
      EU – 1 500 RU – 5 000
      EU – 16 000 RU – 55 000
      Were you talking about one of these?

  14. as soon as I have seen the times for offer will be for BM (I live in Romania), I said “screw this!” I am at work or sleep, I will not make any effort for this! They changed the hours from previous BM.

    BM 2020 didn`t have anything I wanted.

    BM 2019 got me the only one tank I wanted then: Caernavon AX!

    So overall, I am OK, still have my credits! 🙂

    1. I haven’t received mine either. I only said I won, so people would know that anything over 14.1M would be a winning bet 😐 I’m still waiting to receive the tank itself

      1. when it appeared I instantly bid 12 M……..after some thinking I regretted it (ffs that was full price of 2 tier 10 tanks!!!) so I changed my bid to 10million and 1 credit hoping to lose…..AND I STILL WON THE BLOODY THING!!!

  15. Put 25 down lol- a bit overkill but i figured after ppl going nuts for tinier tanks…and it was the last thing… who cares XD

    Got Schwarzp too. so i am good

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