WoT: Take Command with the Škoda T 56, KV-4 KTTS, and TS-5

Explore the battlefield with three exceptional tanks from the Premium Shop: the VIIIŠkoda T 56 , VIIIKV-4 KTTS , and VIIITS-5 . Dominate with their power!

Škoda T 56
Tier VIII Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank

Autoloader: 2 rounds
Damage: 460/460/640 HP
Gun Depression: −8º

Tier VIII Soviet Tank Destroyer

Aiming time: 2.5 s
Armor Penetration: 227/289/62 mm
Damage per Minute: 2,571 HP

Tier VIII American Tank Destroyer

Damage per Minute: 2,823 HP
Hit Points: 1,500
Hull Armor: 260/100/51 mm

Škoda T 56
"Establishment of Czechoslovakia" 2D style

The VIIIŠkoda T 56 is equipped with a powerful 130 mm gun that can cause an impressive 460 HP of damage per shot. It also has a two-shell autoloader that can be fired in under four seconds. This heavy tank is known for its versatility, good protection, including turret screens, and maximum gun depression of 8°. It can brawl and throw heavy punches, and it is also able to work on a ridgeline if the situation demands it. With the “Establishment of Czechoslovakia” 2D style, you can highlight how this mighty vehicle embodies the long-standing engineering traditions of its nation.


The VIIIKV-4 KTTS is a tank destroyer that offers a unique gameplay experience thanks to its rear-mounted turret. Its frontal armor is well-sloped, making it a challenging target to penetrate. However, this advantage comes at the cost of low maneuverability and mobility. This Soviet TD is equipped with a powerful 107 mm high-penetration gun, capable of causing 360 HP of damage per shot and boasting a reload time of just under nine seconds. Whether you’re in cover or out in the open, this vehicle allows for effective sidescraping tactics.


The VIIITS-5 is the ultimate American tank destroyer, built to take down opponents with ease. Its frontal armor is 260 mm thick and sloped, making it nearly impenetrable. Additionally, it has a large HP pool, ensuring it can withstand damage and keep rolling until the end. If you need resilience and durability, then use hull-down tactics to conceal the tank’s weak spots and break through enemy defenses with its impressive 2,823 DPM. This vehicle is a weapon of destruction that will lead you to victory.

Don’t miss out on these limited-time offers! Seize the opportunity to command the Škoda T 56KV-4 KTTS, and TS-5 on the battlefield.

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