World of Tanks Black Market – 5TH OFFER – SU-76I

Quantity of tanks: RU – 5000, EU – 1500.

Price for tank: 15.000 Gold.

On EU sold out in  5 seconds.

42 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 5TH OFFER – SU-76I

  1. Thank god it was 1500, I thought I read 15000 lol. But hey two overpowered lowtiers in a row, WG really doesn’t like the idea of having new players join their game.

    1. It was overpowered… when it came. But Pak40 has more pen and DPM. And the armor is useless now. As tanks don’t have 45 pen there anymore. Even the gift tanks now can pen it head on. It’s “meh” more so then overpowered. Def not worth 15000 gold.

        1. The FCM has a better gun, better view range, and has gun depression. 76i on the other hand is blind, has terrible gun handling, and no gun depression, meaning that you always have to expose the entirely of the hull to fire.

          It’s better to avoid being shot at all than having to bounce shots, especially when you have so little health.

        2. Yes Pak40 good Gun but never sees Action….Battles always over by the time you get into position 🙂

  2. 15k gold for THAT, 15K…..omfg, what kind of drugs (a)busing WG and/or buyers……

  3. Kinda retarded that you couldn’t buy this if you had the Chinese SU76 G FT in your garage – by the time I sold it it had sold out – how hard is it to check these things, anyone who plays the game would have known the difference

  4. It’s not even the SU-76I you get either, I got the SU76G FT, a tier 4 chinese tech tree tank, that I can buy for less than 150k CREDITS

        1. On my end, I did not recieved anything other than a garage slot and 14.7k gold.
          (I did not have the 76G FT researched)

  5. As its labelled wrongly it wouldnt let me buy it as i own the chinese td with that name.

  6. This is actually making me mad. They just don’t care anymore…i rarely play this game nowadays, but came back just to check out the black market. Looks like i was right about leaving (probably for good, soon). Bye tanks, hello Geralt of Rivia.

  7. Clicked it regardless, but I did not received the thing, instead it says SU-76G FT I already have this item. Taken away 15k gold and given me a garage slot, then I recieved 14.7k gold

  8. I have the Tier IV Chinese TD, so I could not buy it. This is Wargaming at its worst.

  9. It is a scam from the beginning showing the SU-76i model, and named it SU-76G FT. Then one of the following happened: Not receiving the tank and no refund, receiving the SU-76G FT and no refund, refunded 14700 gold with a garage slot credited. WTF WG

    1. From the SEA side,
      I am exactly same situation as you do, support ticket sent with attached image, hopefully they are really looking into it. I can recall even the confirmation page it was a 76G FT, only the front page was showing 76i

  10. Funfact: they messed up the id of the tank, if you had the chinese su-76g ft in your garage, you will be told that you already had this tank.

  11. Hey TAP,

    you missed the real drama.

    They show the Su76i in the picture, but they label it with Su 76 G FT what is a Tier 4 TD of the chinese tech tree.

    I saw reports of people that couldn’t buy that tank as the black market guy said that you own the tank already, but they just owned the Su 76 G FT.

    Lots of people bought the tank, but have nothing in the garage now.

    1. I can confirm that. I had no chance to buy it, because i own the regular techtree td. Thx WG

    2. Wanted an SU76i, but hesitated when I saw the tech tree description along with the real pic on the SEA server, missed out….seriously how stoopid do you have to be to be a WG employee. THIS is the golden goose game but they just fail daily to capitalise…reason, they would rather screw you over to win a little than be honest and make more…its about winning and losing rather than right and wrong…welcome to cheat Russia…

  12. Wargame are just so INEPT this stupidity of there developers is mind boggling ~ maybe the Vodka and coke lunches should be avoided from now on eh WG?

    They sold THE WRONG TANK it looks likel!!! its unbelievable

    This is a standard Chinese Tier 4 tech tree TD that anyone can get for 150,000 credits IN-GAME once grinded out, big loll’s or what

    anyone paying 15k gold for this? is insane or just stuuuuuupid

    1. please keep your calm people lol wg make just a joke here, in real life if you buy something on a black market it can happen that you dont receive what you purchase or a completly different item.
      So just keep your calm lol they just try to create a “like REAL LIFE” situation here hahaha
      and in some days people receive the real tank

  13. BTW ~

    TAP is very buggy now? it barely loads or it just hangs or freezes or nothing?

    not as good as your old TAP website looks like
    just saying

    1. According to Seb the site has too much traffic now – blame the Black Market – and he’s asked the providers to look into it.
      The lagginess and freezing will be resolved ASAP.

  14. This is like when they sent the Beagle lander to mars. Half the team used metric and half imperial measurements. They where waiting for the craft to say it had reached the atmosphere and started braking. Alas is had already smashed into the face of mars at full speed.

  15. They screwed up the NA server again & didn’t post the black market tank at the posted time at all, so they have to keep the NA offer 1 behind everyone or they to double up offers again without screwing up again.
    I thought Dynasty Wars forcing people who struggle in tier 4 to ruin tier 10 games for everyone was frustrating, but screwing up black market times & tanks running out in 4 seconds is even more frustrating.

  16. 15’000 gold 😀
    I don’t know what’s more funny, WGs pricing, or that players actually bought it 😀

  17. Got my SU76I around 22:30 CET after having opened a ticket. All is well. 15k gold well spent. I bought xmas boxes, so its a 20€ value. worth it for me.

  18. SU76I Finally arrived, another little Gem added to the Rare Collection. Looking forward to seeing what’s next.

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