16 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 7TH OFFER – FV 215b 183

  1. Oh man. Always the same junk as last year. I really hope for something New soon, or a leak of remaining Tanks.

  2. 2500 units on entire Asia region combined servers (sources say), I was unable to read as already have.
    25k players online for the BM in the middle of the night, the BM was sold out within 3 seconds or less.
    Within 5 mins of the BM selling out of the 183, server population dropped 5k.

    Personally not a fan of these extremely small numbers of offers over such a large player base at set prices.
    Every single one of them has sold out in less time than many players ping responses can be retrieved from the WG server.
    LEFH, SU76i and now 183.

    1. I Personally find these are actually worth it, if you consider how much it cost in XP and Credits to grind from Tier 1 to tier X

  3. The reason I wanted the FV183 is that after the nerf to the 4005, WG made it clear they want you to play it as close combat support (just look at the ranked class bonus). The problem with that for the 4005 is that once people know you are around the corner, they will just load HE and camp you so unless you pen your HESH (unlikely in a town fight), they will actually out-trade you. With the FV183 that’s not an issue since it has the armor to tank HE shells. Not to mention after the nerf, the FV183 actually has better gun handling and accuracy so your chances of hitting where you aim are a lot higher than the current 4005.

  4. If you get close in a 183, after you shoot, 3-4 enemy will rush you simultaneously.
    100% of games.
    Support from own team? Never existed. 100% of games.

    Whenever you are considering a premium tank, think “it’s me versus 29 others”.
    That’s why progetto, t44-100 do so well, very solo warrior types.

    You can back YOURSELF in these types of tanks.

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