14 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Balance Rework Announcement Livestream

    1. OMG Wargaming…. why?
      You’re having Eekee host it, so its a WG Europe thing, so why use such a dumb timeframe for it?
      People have to work that day you know.

      1. “Hey guys! It’s Eeekeeboo here bringing you a huge announcement regarding World of Tanks. After we switch off the servers for maintenance today in two hours they won’t be switched back anymore as World of Tanks will stop existing. Thanks for the money suckers!”

      1. The censorship is really bad on this site. I wrote sh!t and tw@t and they were almost instantly ninjaedited by Veroxx to make it look like I wrote something else while the guy who insulted me because of my nationality was left alone.

        1. Theoretically speaking, your language falls under vulgar slang, which is something I am trying to distance the blog from. Though depending on situation, I will make the rules a bit more lax.

            1. Could you show me where the racism was? If you can, join the discord server to communicate more reliably.

  1. balance?what balance with maps that are the same like 10 years ago and nothing changed,stupid fake camo mechanism,false rng,highly discrepancy in tanks mechanics,hp,speed,fake aim,shell that gets different trajectory,wheeled vehicle with that false turning and aim mechanism,russian tanks with 0.4 aim that hits better than a leopard aim or a another tank with better dispersion only on paper.

  2. After all the absurd design decisions Wargaming has taken in 2019, I really think they are simply crap at game design. I will be very suprised if this ‘great overhaul’ turns out to be anything other than abysmal failure.

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