44 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 8TH OFFER – Type 59 Gold AUCTION

  1. I got reglar one and like last year: pass
    while it is a decent tank… 44.100 and mod1 are simply superior.
    59 is a relic like so many. It was nerfed over and over and just cant keep up anymore

    I just hope the ammo balance gives it a little buff

    1. At least it got one buff last year – disabled friendly fire, which is imho pretty significant for this tank.

  2. I like that they put auctions on the morning offer. It kinda balances the very early time for EU.

    Since the Caern went for the minimum-bid and this tank is extremely expensive I don’t think the bids will get that crazy. I can’t see 1.5k people think “hmm that’s a tier 8 premium not even that insane in the current meta and they ask 20k gold for it, let’s pay more!”

    1. You clearly underestimate the power those golden dragons have over people’s gold purses… I bet the minimum winning bids will be pretty crazy, like 40k or something.

      1. Don’t think so . Or I should say I wish people will not. cause otherwise we will be milked even more in future

          1. Try going from retarded to SEAtarded. South East Asia tarded is a whole next (lowest) level.
            That word became WG enemy numba wan instantly, as soon as asia server became a thing, so this word was birthed.

  3. Well as this does not get the xp & credit bonus that the asian server has (afaik) i guess i will pass

      1. Its a Premium
        But the point of this thing originally was that it made dubble the amount of a normal type 59

  4. its worth what you think its worth to you, nobody else.

    300 on offer total for current online population of 25k players for all combined servers in Asia.

    well at least its an auction.

    Large portion of NZ players are unable to access BM.

  5. 30+K min Bid for sure on EU. Maybe even 40K. There are more than 1500 crazy ppl out there with 100K+ gold and no sense.

    1. Yes, the same i thought about this. Just stupid and Shows they just recycling without some thinking. Have you the list from last year somewhere to check?

  6. I am quite sure some people wish to show off their wealth.
    They will buy this tank no matter what.
    They will even bid for double price 40 000 gold, just to be sure they will get it.

    1. Yes, I submitted a ticket, still waiting.

      There has been yet another error the LEFH was supposed to be 3,000 gold, but sold for 300.

      The SU76i was supposed to be 1500 gold, but sold for 15,000.

      WG HQ is royally screwing up, missing zeros, or adding too many, and mixing up their tanks…

      As the players have already been charged 300 gold for their LEFH’s, its unlikely ANY changes to prices will be made, meaning NO REFUNDS for SU76i owners either.

  7. SU76I was never going to be 1500 gold. It’s a tank that was sold only once in 2014 for one hour, and was removed because it was extremely OP at that time. Just like Pz IIJ, it was priced at 15k on purpose.

  8. Ohhh so shiny I need my shades to look at it

    A really nice Tank shame the Tier 8MM makes it look like an over and over-nerfed antique now

    ))will see Tier 9’s and all the time some days where its almost useless (those bad nerfs for Pref MM

    mostly I get tier 8MM over and over and over
    never gets Tier6 or 7 MM (when I play it anyways

    can be fun at times mostly depending on Map types and ‘if’ get a decent Team in random,s
    20k Gold? up to you buddy personally the T44-100 is way better at half that price

    and its Gun struggles at Tier 8 so …………………

  9. What will happen if you bid on the Type 59 G and you already have the normal Type 59 in the Garage ?

  10. So i bid just for the fun of it, so it didn’t sell for the minimum bet. Anyone recieves it? What was the bet u made?

  11. 51k gold bid on NA didn’t win.
    i’ve got a regular type 59 on a really old alt account & after all the nerfs it really isn’t as good as many current premium tier 8s

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