World of Tanks – Global Balance Rework Coming Soon! (Shell and HP rework)

Remember Sandbox server and the shell rework? Well, Wargaming has finalized their data gathering and are gearing up to launch the final Test server where everyone will be welcome to playtest the changes.

This is a very very important time for the game. If these changes pass, Wargaming will go back to buffing / nerfing and reworking tanks once more. However, if the changes are a major fail, Wargaming will cut them from the game.

What should you expect?

Global shell rework. AP buffs, HE rework – all HE shells lose their penetration values, Premium ammo stays the same.

HP buffs to all tiers – Finally lower tiers will get some love and be far more forgiving.

UNCONFIRMED – Tech Tree Rework. Wargaming is getting ready to cut a lot of lower tier vehicles from the game to “streamline” the tech trees. However, Wargaming might not be ready to release this just yet.

On top of it all, expect rewards for playtesting, just like with the “old school WoT 0.7.0 “comeback.

Rest of the information is set to be revealed on Monday, February 10th. Stay tuned, comrades!

48 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Global Balance Rework Coming Soon! (Shell and HP rework)

  1. ..aaand knowing WG by now, these changes will absolutely pass. Sad, really.

    Also, removing lower tier tanks from the game to streamline experience? Stupid idea IMO – at least that was what kept lower tiers interesting, a variety of different (rarer) tanks, IMO.

    EDIT: Just a personal opinion, of course. Maybe others will be happy with the changes.

    1. Nope. These changes are similar to Rubicon, if people don’t like it, they will scrap it.

  2. I just hope tanks like the KV-2 won’t become obsolete with these changes. That tank is such a fun to play once in a while.

    1. I would bet money that KV-2 will get a Special treatment as it it a meme machine like no other

  3. GET RID OF P2W !! thats all what they must change

    anything else is just a fail


    1. It is pay to progress. Get over it. If you are to poor to invest anything in a game which you happyly play for more than 3 years. YOU are the problem. Not WG.

      1. a premium thing what gives you a GAMEPLAY ADVANTAGE is not pay-to-progress. Its a fkin PayToWin one.
        And PREMIUM ammo is exactly this, PREMIUM consumables SAME. gives you advantages in battle nothing in progress.
        Also premium tanks better than standard ones are anything else but not pay-to-progress !

        i would be more than happy to give them some money for premium time or something else, but ONLY FOR PROGRESS or for customization…but NEVER for what it is right now.

        1. I think you are stuck on the word premium.. There’s no longer any shell that requires real money to acquire and unless I am mistaken, there has never been a consumable that required gold to purchase. Don’t know if you realize this but in order for something to be pay-2-win there needs to be a product that requires real money in order to have an advantage over your opponent.

          It has been shown time and time again that if a bad player gets access to a Sheriff account that gives you every single tank already unlocked, millions of credits, bonds, Free XP, almost every premium tank. They still perform badly. If that doesn’t prove to you that the game isn’t pay-2-win then I don’t know what will.

          1. Please use your brain and realize that people actually buy the credit/gold bundles to support consistent in-game premium shell and consumable use. They’re not in the premium shop just for decoration. This is what Vasy is speaking of. Anyone making an argument against the game not being P2W in its current state is only doing so because they benefit from the current P2W model and don’t want to be forced to be on a guaranteed level playing field where actual skill matters. No, the current P2W model won’t automatically make you a good player, but it WILL automatically increase your current performance. Sorry, but if you take a bad player and give them all standard shells and no premium consumables, then they’re simply going to do worse than if you did the exact opposite and gave them full premium everything. They might still be potato as hell, but they will be less potato than before. Plain and simple. Your argument basically says that it’s OK for Olympians and other professional sports athletes to take steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs because it doesn’t guarantee that they will win. Do they GUARANTEE that the athlete will win in their respective sport? No. Will it absolutely help and give an unfair advantage against their competitors that are NOT doped up? Absolutely, and that’s exactly why they’re banned in literally every respectable sport out there.

            1. Are you or are you not forced to pay real money for extra credits to play the game? The answer is an obvious No there is nothing forcing you buy extra credits simply to play. I am mediocre at the game and have only really spent real money to buy tanks I thought would be fun to play. With my mediocre skill level, I manage to make a profit on 80% or more of my battles.

              Because there is a choice involved, the ability to use real money to buy credits doesn’t equate to being pay to win. Use your brain! There are soo many differences between doping a human in the olympics and choosing to pay money to buy more credits so you can spam APCR/HEAT instead of getting better at the game and learning weak spots that can be penned without using the higher in-game credit priced rounds.

              1. You’re a special little snowflake that still doesn’t get it, aren’t you? Your logic is like saying a Ferrari isn’t special because ANYONE has the possibility to buy it. There is a difference between having the possibility and the ABILITY to buy it. Most people do not have the ability to buy a Ferrari because they can’t afford it, and that’s what makes a Ferrari rare and special to see on the road. The same goes for credits. Anyone can use some credits to shoot premium shells, but most don’t have the ability to consistently spam it every single match, especially not in standard tanks at high tier because THEY CAN’T AFFORD IT. The P2W people that buy credit packages as they need them are the ones that can, hence P2W. laughs in Super Conqueror full APCR

                And ya, GL at “learning the game” and “weakspots” and then using that knowledge to pew pew bounce your standard shells at the turret of a hull-down Maus while the next whale with deep pockets just presses 2 and goes through the Maus’ face. Cuz that’s really fair and used a lot of game-knowledge and skill uh huh

                1. What is winning in WOT. Is it penning that hold-down Maus. Or is it progressing through the tech-tree? Does it cost real money to pen that Again this is about choice, do you choose to spam APCR/HEAT and in doing so have to spend real money on credits to do it consistently? Or do you learn the game and know when you do and don’t have to use APCR/HEAT which means you can afford to do so without spending a cent of real money. Seems you are describing, pay 2 be lazy.

                  Is it WOT’s problem if you are lazy(lazy in that you choose to spam when you dont need to) and want to give them money?

                  And also, I never once implied the logic of possibility vs ability. Everyone does have the ability to play the game without paying. Everyone has the ability to progress through the tech-tree for free. Time is the only price in even the worse players hands.

                  1. It seems that you’re mixing up the terms “free to play” and “pay to win”. Yes, WoT is indeed free to play, because anyone can play the game completely for free. But does a non-paying player have the same advantages in battle as a paying player? If we look at an individual battle, maybe yes. But once we look at a large amount of battles, the non-paying player can’t keep up with the paying player. That’s why WoT is pay to win.

                    1. Its a pay to advance business model where premium content like premium account, boosters, and premium tanks allows you to quickly earn credits and train crews. At the same time WG gives free players plenty of chances to get some premium content for free. Its the same business model that has been used for well over a decade now in 100s of free to play games.

                      Hell I haven’t spent a dime on WoT in probably 8 years and I’ve gotten probably 20 premium tanks for free, a couple hundred premium days for free, and 30 to 50 thousand gold FOR FREE.

                      Many have blindly and very ignorantly called WoT pay2win in the past. Problem is none of the premium tanks give you a clear advantage over those in your tier or above. Some would argue “But the 252 makes it easy to club lower tiers” which is a stupid argument as basically any tank in the game has a clear advantage over the tanks that are a tier or two lower.

                    2. @Gungrave:
                      WoT is both pay-to-advance and pay-to-win. One doesn’t exclude the other. Pay-to-advance means that players can progress quicker through the game by paying money, pay-to-win means that players can get a battle advantage over other players by paying money.
                      You only talk about premium tanks, which makes it seem like you think that only premium tanks can be pay-to-win? Premium ammo is also pay-to-win, because 1) it allow players to buy themselves a battle advantage over other players, and 2) the only way to consistently afford it in every single battle is to swing your credit card.
                      It doesn’t matter that you have a premium tank and thus can grind the credits in advance, because in those battles that you grind your credits, you can’t shoot much (if any) premium ammo and then you’re already playing at a disadvantage compared to other players.
                      And please don’t call other people ignorant when you’re not very observant yourself. All it takes is to logically connect A and B and then it’s obvious why premium ammo is pay-to-win. You just refuse to see it.

                    3. As someone thats played since 2011, with no prem account and without shooting a single gold shell in my life, an about a dozen prem tanks, i can say WoT is both P2W and P2Progress,

                      Lets not beat around the bush gold ammo (aka prem ammo) is p2w in a way, yes anyone can shoot gold ammo but lets face it past teir 7 shooting any gold ammo is automatic loss in creds by the bucket, for example my Leo PTA maxed out with the 105 firing standard rounds about 1/4 HP left, win, fire exting, small repair, small first aid. 9K damage 2 kills. not the best game but i STILL lost 30k creds with a f2p account, with a prem account i would of actually made money… is that fair to f2p players or even average joes? its not, id have to do 2 decent games in my teir 8 prems to afford to drive anything above teir 8 once because i lose so much money, lower teir tanks are fun but me personally all the cool tanks are 7-10, i have more fun playing AW then WoT because i can actually play tanks and not fight tooth an nail to afford to play tanks, i dont mind grinding i play warframe for 6 years now….but it goten to the point where im tired of grinding for no return at all because it just gets deleted by people shooting gold ammo 24/7 while im here struggling to pen “weakspots” with standard ammo cause i cant afford it. its kinda a double edge sword, yes if i shoot gold i get more damage, survive longer, make more money but will that outweigh the cost of shooting said gold? as a f2p account that around losses money just by playing a teir 8+ tank? no not at all.

                      An sorry if this is ramblie im not exactly the best at putting my thoughts into words im just typing as i think hopfully i got my point across, High teir for the average joe is impossiable to even break even on as F2P thats basicly my point.

                    4. @fighting_falcon93 : No I have not mixed up those two different terms.. If you need to fire premium shells you can do so without spending any real money.. I keep saying this because everyone seems to want to ignore it. Real money is what the pay portion of pay2win means.

                      Can you progress through the tech-tree without spending any real money? Yes you can..

                    5. @Matt: You have some very weird logic there. So just because you can progress through the techtree without spending real money, that means the game is not pay-to-win? LOL! No, that means the game is free-to-play. Being able to buy yourself an advantage in battle is entirely different and with premium ammo that’s possible. I explained why in my previous reply so rather than me explaining it again you can go back and read it.

          2. you better watch this sir

            ALSO, when you do comparisons, you should compare SAME things, like same skill level players or simmilar tanks

            for example,
            get 2 bad players and give to one full premium stuff….go test it, and see who will win.
            repeat same thing with 2 good players, one p2w one f2p

            comparing a bad player with a good player is like WG moronic way to say that Defecter is balanced ” a good player in TVP can beat a bad player in Defecter, so the tank is balanced”

            you will be suprised by results

            1. SirSalt is always salty because he has justified reasons to be. Everything he says is the absolute truth. WOT isn’t taken seriously in the e-sports world because it’s unfair and unbalanced with a P2W, or pay-to-have-an-advantage, concept. WOT is taken as seriously as any real sport that allowed steroid use would be, which is not very seriously at all, and rightfully so.

  4. I dindt realy thought HE needs rework so that is realy sad because no nobody will carry he shells because they become useless

    1. Second that!
      it takes skill & knowledge to use HE shells as there intended in battles
      same as APCR and Heat shells

      thing is with the dumb (really & stubborn dumb) +-2MM most players when they come against a +2MM enemy as the lowest Tier

      ~ especially over armoured HT or Super HT (more fiction from WG ie Jap Super HT type 4 &5) most don’t know how to pen these fiction HT’s
      ~ so loading the ‘Gold’ ammo is standard reflex nowadays and yes its cheap ammo Gold now with T8 Premiums & credit boosters ((again looking at YOU WG…

      watch any Polish players on Twitch in particular its almost a 100% loadout of Gold ammo any Tank!
      why learn Tank weak spots when Gold ammo does the trick?
      ((apologies to Polish not using Gold btw ..

      balance WOT to +-1MM and Gold ammo again costs ‘Gold’ (10 Gold per shell maybe THEN watch a big decline in Gold ammo spamming as it becomes expensive on the wallet

      **Wargame themselves in there lazy arrogance”
      brought ALL of these problems onto themselves nobody to blame here but WG

      1. hate gold ammo so much, especially when your 20mm LT armour gets spammed with it in a same tier match… how desperate have some people become?

        a change I’d love to see: people getting no XP and no credits for dmg done by using gold ammo vs same tier tanks and vs armour that regular ammo could penetrate.

          1. The problem is not about that 20 mm that would have been penned anyway, it’s about those 300 mm that would NOT have been penned anyway. It simply makes armor useless on a lot of tanks. And spare me the classical example of a perfectly angled Maus, I’m talking about things like a T-62A turret or the frontal turret of an E100.
            It should not be possible to just pay a lot of credits and then lolpen virtually anything. If high penetration rounds are required in the game (as in being vital for the games balance), then all players should be able to afford them, not just the ones sitting on a mountain of credits.

        1. Happened to me too, but i had prem ammo loaded because there was another tank in the game and i wanted to get a 100% pen. Then there was a LT and he got the ammo in his face. Wasnt meant for him, but i didnt matter to me.

          What i want to say it: Dont take it too serioulsy when someone shoots you with prem ammo. Maybe it wasnt meant for you or you were in a fast LT where he wanted the extra speed of the prem ammo, when it is apcr or something.

      2. lol @ HE requiring skill to use. K buddy, it’s time for your medicaiton. HE is one of the biggest cancers next to arty and premium shells. You have skill? Learn weakspots then. Oh the tank you’re facing has no frontal weakspots? Then go somewhere else or make a different play. That heavily armored tank is holding a flank as its intended to do. It doesn’t have the mobility to play the map. Going through the cheeks of a Maus with HEAT all day long takes zero skill. It takes more skill to read the map and think of a different place to flex with your OP430U, or even how to read who has been spotted and who has not and realize that rushing and flanking the Maus might actually be a viable move. But nope, I’ll just press 2 and go through its face, or press 3 and negate its armor by still doing damage because I’m too retarded to do anything else. Seems legit.

  5. Instead of removing tanks from the game they should be adding more. Why would they throw away all the work they’ve already invested into the game?

    1. What is the reason for Wargaming burning hatred for the lower tiers? Any specials are almost always restricted, so lower tiers can’t participate. Personal missions have same restrictions.

      Is it because lower tiers are easy? Or are they so full of bots and can be dishonestly exploited? And now they want to cut lower tier tanks?

      After many people spent time and possibly money to progress, research and play the lower tiers.
      WG can ruin the game any way they want, but in this case I believe compensation is in order. Not asking for much – credits and exp for every researched tank that’s being removed.

  6. I like everything they’re planning to change except the HE rework.

    Why does it have to be “either everything passes either nothing passes”. Feedback was mostly positive for the AP and hp rework, only the HE was controversial.

    1. “Feedback was mostly positive”

      ah yes believe everything Wargame tells us as they never lie, and of course there always truthful honest nice Russians ((aren’t they?

      Ammo rework Feedback was all over the place … check out the WG site official forums take you days and days

      1. Feedback was mostly positive, considering HP buffs especially. AP shell changes were a mixed bag, many people feel like they should have left AP as-is and focused on nerfing the gold shells instead. However the main problem was HE changes. Nobody liked them, virtually nobody. However with the upcoming last test they will hopefully find common ground and balance everything in a way that is acceptable to everyone.

        1. Who said feedback was mostly positive? Do you mean WGs “player survey” that in some magical way always tells them what they want to hear? The Sandbox forum showed the exact opposite of “positive”… Maybe that’s why they stopped using the Sandbox forum and resorted to their “surveys” πŸ˜€

  7. I think I will join test server, I don’t enjoy playing wot that much lately cause of bad players spam, anyone knows what kind of rewards could we expect?

    1. The usual, a fire extinguisher or double experience for an hour. WG is too greedy to give some gold for our efforts πŸ™‚

  8. How about we give all tanks a 4th shell? To take the place of the old HE DPM increase? low pen AP or heat or something

  9. “Wargaming will cut them from the game”
    Care to elaborate what this actually means? Cut what from the game? As in remove premium ammo itself, or, to drop further tries at tweaking it? πŸ™‚
    Other than that, I don’t know if this will be any good. In my opinion the ammo changes are of low quality, instead of making all shells more realistic, for instance giving APCR overpenetration mechanics and HEAT realistic lower penetration values, they go with these fictional changes. Also they still havn’t fixed the major problem with premium ammo, the high cost. Premium ammo shouldn’t even exist and all shell types should cost the same.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to get a fresh fire extinguisher as testing reward /s πŸ˜€

  10. I really hope, there come some changes for ammo. The amount of gold is way to much. I mean, there is a reason, why tanks like Maus or E100 are very rare nowadays, compared with hig dpm Meds.
    I mean, why should i chose a slow tank when some scrubs could easily overrun and pen me?
    There is a reason, why more and morde players chose fast tanks with high dpm.

  11. The game is fine the way it is! Just bring back arty to 1 per game, buff HP to lower tiers what is LONG overdue, 1 EBR musquito per game (as irritating or more as arty?) Rework the old maps (South Coast for example) and a better guide to train the newbies. Roll On! PS limiting the amount of damage on gold shells reeks of making the WG wallet thicker.. Come on MAAAN. They will just fire more!

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