Girls und Panzer Collaboration Coming Soon to World of Tanks

The tank shown in the post is a BT-42 with GuP “knocked out” Flag.

source: reddit

Was already hinted at the WoT Monthly May 2024 video a week or so ago.

13 thoughts on “Girls und Panzer Collaboration Coming Soon to World of Tanks

      1. Creeped out by freakishly large eyes when in reality European Renaissance women were using atropine to achieve a similar effect

    1. Relax leftard, Netflix got you covered with those 10yo twerking girls from Cuties. Or what, maybe you prefer Superman kissing boys?

      1. I think you need to read the definition of pedo.
        Anime pedo freaks like you need putting in to a shallow grave on the side of the hill

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  1. Looking at all these edgy comments, I don’t think the WoT community realizes that it has ZERO room to talk.
    It’s happened. We’ve officially reached CoD and LoL level. Wow.

  2. Really looking forward to this, I loved the Anime, so many cool historical references and I could watch the tank battles for hours, I really loved the extreme stereotypes of each country, Im English, and having all the tankers named after types of tea really made me smile, Turtle Teams adorable 38t was the star of the show for me.

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