World of Tanks – British light tanks GSR 3301 Setter & LHMTV

Hey, tankers!

Remember the four new British lights we were talking about the other day?

Today, you can meet two of them “in person” and in full detail.

The Tier VII GSR 3301 Setter


Moving up the tech tree, the new Brits grow in speed, power and danger, while keeping their size small and their camouflage effective. The LHMTV is no exception, boasting decent mobility (with a top speed of 63 km/h and a power-to-weight ratio of 33 hp/t) and an imposing 85-mm gun.

Moving onto firing characteristics: its rate of fire is 6 rounds per minute and its alpha — 230 points. You could say nothing to boast about, but it’s okay as the LHMTV has other things to boast about! Check it out: the armor penetration with a standard AP shell is 226 mm (which is outstanding for its tier) and a special APCR will pierce armor 258 mm thick.

Also consider this: the dispersion is 0.37 m at 100 m, while the aiming time is 2.2 s. Given its view range of 380 m, all these furnish a fine opportunity to deliver consistent damage. So, you’d better not miss the chance.

Just like other light Brits, the LHMTV can juggle two different playstyles. On the one hand, the viable mobility and small size allows it to excel at positional reconnaissance, while its superb gun makes it quite handy in a fire support role when not seen by the enemy. To succeed, however, you will need to show off your stealth skills and keep a close eye on the battlefield, thus tapping the full potential of the new Brits.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – British light tanks GSR 3301 Setter & LHMTV

    1. If WG wants the Senlac to be a dedicated trainer for this branch, I expect the crew layout to be commander/gunner/driver, 3-man crews. Just me guessing though, could be different.

  1. These are all one trick ponies. Broken camo and good acceleration, ok accuracy and good depression, bad every thing else.

    1. Which makes them not that different from the French. Small size, high camo, good mobility, no armor, subpar guns with low DPM (with the French it\’s because of the autoloaders, with the British it\’s slow reload speed and single shot guns).

  2. ok, its confirmed, these 2 tanks are the concepts published by George Forty (former Curator of The Tank Museum), the guns were obviously changed to fit the Tiers and META but the design of the tanks is the same, at least this time it is not a branch of FTs (fake tanks)
    the Tier 8 concept was supposedly designed with a 120mm recoiless gun, it would be a fun option for a grind derpy gun (165~175mm pen / 400 avg damage)

      Yeah I knew the tier 8 was the 120mm RR carrier and I had a sneaking suspicion that it was when they gave us the the first comparison pictures but couldn’t confirm till now

    2. this is very interesting to hear. has Mr. Forty created any blueprints or even sketches for these vehicles?

      1. @1389_ no, he did not create anything of the sort because he did not need to, he was an author and also the Curator of The Tank Museum, he took the photos of the mockups/scale models of the concepts he found in the archives and published them in one of his 70 books–cmv001.jpg

        the bottom 2 are the Setter and LHMTV, just not named like that
        also, notice how the author added that the Setter « clearly foreshadowed the Scorpion » which is obvious due to the shape/design similarities

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