World of Tanks – Another Mega QnA with Developers

“Front line”

Is it planned to introduce the “Front line” mode fortanks not only of VIII level, but, for example, VI or X?

We want to wait for the results of the first season and only then decide what the second should be. Now we are considering this possibility.

What measures will you take on wheeled vehicles in the “Front Line”?

The problem in general is in light tanks in the mode (in everything that is fast and hardly noticeable). We changed the rules (with light equipment instead of three slots for combat reserves left alone) and we will see how this affects the situation.

Do you plan to make statistics on the “Frontline” in the future so that you can see the player’s performance indicators?

We are working on it.

Can we expect balance changes on the map? For example, point B is captured easily. And point C is hard to capture.

We recognize that at some points things are not the best, but rebalancing requires changes on the map. They will be available next season.

Will there be any more maps for the Frontline?

A new map is sure to be added. Soon, players will be able to test it.

Ranked Battles

The last season of ranked battles took a lot of time and nerves even from strong players. Will there be changes?

Yes, they will, above all in qualifying. More on the results of the last season, we will make changes to the role-playing experience.

Is separation possible in ranked fights (for example, by personal rating)?

While we do not consider such a possibility. In the current season there will be no such significant changes in the rules. Maybe in the future.


What are your plans for expanding the clan functionality?

We will continue to develop vassalage, increase the value of ownership of territories, make it useful and beneficial for clans to involve non-clan players in clan activities.

Will the chat functionality in the game change in order to simplify clan life and communication in the Fortified Areas and the Global Map?

There are plans for next year in conjunction with the alteration of the chat as a whole.

Is it possible to add unloading of statistics on clan players for the clan-lid in an easy-to-analyze format in order to better track performance and introduce motivation systems?

Thanks for the offer, think about it.

Tech trees

Is it planned to expand the current tech trees?

It would be very desirable, it depends on how successfully our researchers will declassify the old archives.

Tell us about the nearest plans for changing the performance characteristics of the vehicle. There are a lot of machines in the game, and the players consider their favorite tank to be the weakest and most demanding apa.

Thank! You understand our pain! We are now working with the Sandbox, exploring a new approach to balance as such, which naturally grew out of an attempt to more clearly define the functional role of various types of projectiles. If both you and us will like everything, it will be a reserve for perhaps the most massive rebalance in the history of the game. If something goes wrong, we will return to incremental changes in the performance characteristics of individual machines. What exactly, until we say. I want to believe that everything will work out with the new paradigm, to be rebalanced, and the game on all the machines will become better and more interesting.

Are you planning to use old tanks, including premium vehicles?

Yes, this is one of the goals we are pursuing when testing a new approach to balance in the sandbox.

Will we see additional branches in Czech, Italian, Japanese or Polish trees of development?

There are enough materials for this, but not for all the nations mentioned. At the moment we are working on Japanese tank destroyers, as well as looking for opportunities for the Czech and Italian branches. As soon as there is something concrete, we will immediately tell about it to the community.

Wheeled vehicles

Do you plan to add  wheeled vehicles of other nations?

We monitor how the wheeled vehicles behave, and in parallel we continue to work on the search for historical materials. If all goes well, then the next wheeled nation will be the British.

Is it possible to make wheel tanks stop after a shot at the wheels? When they hit the board, they very often go on without damage.

This is a design feature of the wheeled vehicle. The loss of one of the wheels does not lead to loss of mobility.


Will the principle of HE projectiles change? Will the stun mechanics change?

We are considering alternative options for implementing  HE shells as part of the tests underway in the Sandbox for a new approach to the balance of shells (and tanks in general). Changes did not hit the current iteration, we expect to “roll out” them for the next test. We are not going to change it after stunning after the last changes.

Will artillery branches be added, for example, in the nations of China, Japan or Czechoslovakia?

Research in this direction exists. As soon as we have more specific information, we will inform you.

Will the reload time of the artifacts in the ears of the teams be visible, to coordinate in combat?

Very interesting idea. We will think about it.

Preferential tanks


Do you plan to rebalance preferential matchmaking tanks?

One way or another, we will conduct a rebalance of low and medium levels. We hope that it will be possible to do this all at once in the framework of the rebalance initiative that we are testing in the Sandbox right now.

Do you consider the work on preferential vehicles completed?

Work on balance does not stop. Balancing tanks is like a repair: it cannot be finished – you can only pause;)

Premium vehicles

When will tanks for bonds be added?

Functionally, the store was already almost ready for release, but at the testing stage we were faced with technical difficulties that we are now solving. We hope to solve them soon.

Are there any plans to upgrade AMX CDC? Now he is uncompetitive.

While there are no plans specifically for this machine, but now we are testing a new approach to the balance of equipment in the “Sandbox”. If we see that the direction is correct, then all the equipment will undergo a rebalance.

Will tanks from the Valkyrie Chronicle be sold?

We think about it. So far, they have been limited only to Asia, where they have already been sold and where the historicity and realism of what is happening is much less important to the players than in other regions.

How soon will premium tanks be released for IX and X levels? What pricing policy is expected?

At the moment we are not planning to introduce premium equipment of the X level. Once upon a time, there were very few tier Xs and for many classes the top tank was level IX or lower, and that’s when the premium equipment for levels VII-VIII was very relevant. As time went on, the game developed, but the premium technique did not. And now, the tier 7s are completely out of fashion, and the tier 8s from the pre-top ones have practically turned into medium-level tanks. As for the “nines”, we recently announced an IX level award tank for the “Front line” and ranked battles. Thus, we are, in fact, testing the relevance and safety of introducing such a tank as a premium one. We have not thought about pricing policy yet.

Will it be possible for World of Tank collectors to buy rare tanks?

Yes, we plan to realize this opportunity through the bond shop.

Special shells and equipment

How was the testing of the concept of rebalanced shells?

The second iteration is still underway. We process the data and plan the following iterations. So far it looks like a few more tests will be needed.

How will “gold-dependent” tanks feel after the rebalancing of special equipment?

We expect that they will be rebalanced and refreshed;)

How do these changes affect the premium tanks in their profitability, because it directly depends on the damage done and the cost of projectiles?

We will deal with issues of profitability and the economy when we see that the direction is correct. Follow the tests.

HE shells

Do you plan to change the HE shells for all or specific equipment? Players more often began to load HE’s, since this does not require targeting of vulnerable spots and they can be used to apply guaranteed damage.

Our goal is to create three types of shells to use each of them in a specific combat situation. We expect to show the possible changes in the RP-shells in the next iteration of the Sandbox.

Will there be a revision of the arty stun mechanics?

We are not planning yet.


Will new maps be developed soon?

We have not yet returned all the old ones;) At the moment, we are actively working on a new map for the “Front Line”, very soon it will be possible to try it in the game. We are also planning to take the Pearl River into work. We rule “Minsk”, the “Pass” is in line. We announce all the supertests as we develop, starting from the earliest stages of working on the topology, so stay tuned.

Is it possible to remove the hitbox on the walls of houses, despite the fact that on a gentle slope the equipment cannot enter and starts to slide?

Yes, we know – this is a problem with Havok technology. We are currently working with the Havok team to solve this and some other problems related to their technology. We hope that everything will work out.

Now players have the opportunity to exclude unwanted cards. Did you have an idea to add the opposite – to allow once a day to choose a card that will fall out more often?

A bit out of shape, but we have a similar idea in our plans.

Will there be other maps dedicated to the hero-cities, such as “Minsk”?

It is not excluded.

Premium Account

I bought a premium account for 30 days and left for 2 weeks. Will it be possible to pause a premium account?

There is no such function in the plans. Discussing other methods for the development of a premium account.

Is the premium account option possible for the number of battles, not days?

This function is performed by personal reserves.


Will new 3D styles for the tenth levels be added to the game as they were in the New Year boxes? I want to stand out not only color and sticker.

We are working on it. In the near future, the available 3D styles will become much larger.

Is it possible to introduce tools for players to create camouflage and customization elements?

Yes, we have such plans, but this is long ways off.


Are there plans to collect teams in a random battle / a separate battle mode according to the WTR-rating?

In a sense, these are ranked battles. Now we are thinking how to further develop them.

Is it possible with the help of changes in the balancer to “defeat” the one sided 15-0 battles?

It is interesting that even in the Golden League of ranked battles, 15-0 battles still happened. Skill balance will not eradicate this problem. Nevertheless, we are really trying to use a balancer to reduce the number of such fights.

Do you plan to limit the number of individual classes of equipment per team?

Arty is already limited: 3 per team. We had a technical opportunity with a new balancer. So far, we don’t see any practical sense in this, but if we have to, it’s quite easy to apply.

Game mechanics


Will there be any addition changes in crew skills?

Yes, in active work.

Will the module damage mechanics improve?

At the moment there are no such plans.

Do you plan to remove team damage in random battles?


Why does a tank behave like “on the rink” when hitting any obstacle in the game? Such situations lead either to a slide downward (for example, into the water or from an obstacle).

There are problems with Havok physics. Now we are working with the Havok team to solve them.

Will new class mechanics / skills be added? For example, a player on Maus presses a button and takes 50% less damage for 20 seconds.

We try not to add a mechanic completely divorced from reality.

Will it be possible to hide your online status / nickname from friends in the game?

We are working on the first version of the anonymizer, which will appear pretty soon. In the future we will expand the functionality.

Personal combat missions

Is it expected in connection with the rework of artillery stuns a revision of the some campaign missions?

We monitor the situation after rework. If we see that this has really led to the complication of tasks, then we will take action.

What are your plans for the next campaign?

So far, no, because very few people have completed the second campaign.

How about the revision of campaigns in the direction of simplification?

Recently, we have changed quite a lot in campaigns in the direction of simplification; at the moment we are not planning a global nerf of complexity.

Special events

Should we expect high level content like ranked fights or fights on the Global Map for level X equipment?

We are just thinking about how high level content should look next year. There are different directions, it is too early to say specifically.

Will there be new types of battles (like assault, oncoming combat or general battle)?

We are constantly testing new battle modes in special events. If in the process there is one that will be worthy of staying in the game on an ongoing basis, we will definitely do it.

Will there be another black market? Or its analogue (auction)?

Now we are comprehensively assessing the results of the past Black Market event. We will make a decision based on this analysis.

Should I wait for the competitive part in the game? Modes 5×5 or 7×7? Other formats?

Yes, we thoroughly rework tournament functionality that supports a wide variety of formats. With its help, I want to revive the competitive part of WoT, returning the attractiveness and value to tournaments, and, finally, implement the tournament functionality in a convenient way in the game client.

Will the continuation of the “Distinguished Awards” return for old players? (Free tanks like T-50-2 for veterans)

Yes. How exactly – will soon find out.

Next year marks 75 years since the Great Victory. Is a new fan mode or event planned in honor of this date?

Yes, we are thinking about a complex of activities.

What is the fate of World of Tanks Classic at the moment?


Will the old fan modes return: Operation “Nostalgia” or “Winter Battle”, “The Dark Side of the Moon”, “Invasion of Leviathan”?

This year we promised to return the race, and we will keep our word. As for the other modes – stay tuned.

PvE mode

Are you considering the option of adding to the PvE game mode, with separate missions and scenes?

We have been working in the direction of PvE for some time, we are training on game events (Leviathan, Halloween). So far, bots remain a rather expensive solution, since they are executed on the server. We plan to further develop this area, including the use of bots for training and in various game modes.


Is it planned to introduce new game modifications into the game (forced multiplicity of the sight, etc.)?

Yes, we periodically add functionality from popular modifications to the game.

Are you planning to disable XVM-mode?

We are working on an anonymizer that will be released very soon.

Prohibited Modifications

Will there be an amnesty for bans?

We have disputes within this team. So far, we have not come to any decision.

Will the game be implemented to protect against the installation of prohibited modifications?

We are looking for an option in which players can still use the correct mods. Even with electronic signatures, it is impossible to exclude the appearance of “bookmarks” in seemingly innocuous modifications. This means that we would not only have to enter into legal agreements with the creators of mods, but also to check the source code of each modification for the presence of “bookmarks” and vulnerabilities.


Will punishment for prohibited modifications and bot breeding be tightened?

The punishment is already quite severe – a permanent for relapse.

Will punishment be tightened for those who block, push, timdamazhit?

We consider the current punishment adequate. But we are going to improve the ability to report unsportsmanlike behavior.

Game interface


When will fix the snappy sight when a tank is near the horizon?

Now the team solves the problem with the technology Havok, leading to the emergence of invisible or sweep elements of the landscape. The problem with the sight is the next one in the list.

Do you plan to add more varied customization of the sight in the game?

And leave half the modders out of work? No, we are not going to.

Should we expect a commander’s camera and the possibility of a forced zoom (x2 / x4) in sniper mode without third-party modifications?

Very likely, we are currently working on improving part of the combat interfaces, we’ll finish – we will choose new tasks. Maybe from this list.

Do you make full information about the shells in the hangar / in battle? For example, about cumulative projectiles, how they break through, what is the speed of flight, etc.?

We have a strong desire to bring to mind the preview of the tank and modules. Add a preview of armor, test shelling, more convenient and detailed information about the tank itself and its modules. Now this task is at the stage of elaboration (pre-production). This means that very soon it will finally fall into production.

Will there be protection against “frequent clicks” on the mini-map?


Is it possible to add the button “premium tanks only” to the filter of the tank carousel?

Thanks for the idea, we’ll think about it.

Will there be a search mechanism for players to gather a platoon? I pressed the button – you got a selection of players who are also waiting for an invitation to the platoon.

Yes, it is in the plans.

Will all parameters of the performance characteristics and equipment reservation models be displayed in the hangar?

Not in the hangar, but in a preview, and in the foreseeable future. Not sure that everything is all, but better and more detailed than it is now.

Players listed in the “black list”, we see in the battle with an additional mark. Is it possible to do the same for friends / clan?

Good idea, let’s think.

When will the in-game communications fail?

We are now thinking of a global reworking of the chat system, including the voice one. A serious task related to the complete replacement of old communication technologies with new ones. So we finish, unfortunately, not soon. But we hope that this will help solve this and other problems related to communication.

Will the game account the number of taken “masters” on the tank?

Yes, but in unexpected form.

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  1. One thing that caught my eye, quote:
    \”Q: Are you planning to disable XVM-mode?\”
    \”A: We are working on an anonymizer that will be released very soon.\”

    This got me thinking. Are they talking about this anonymisation feature being an \”opt-in only anonymizer\”, or an anonymizer anonymizing every player in the battle?
    I do hope it is the latter!

    Reasoning for that: imagine being \”the only anonymized player\” on your mediocre team, seen from the enemies XMS using perspective.
    Wouldn\’t this anonymity paint an evenly big target on you, compared to when your \’stats\’ are known and shown like now?

    Maybe the essence of their answer in this question got lost in translation and they meant team wide for the battle.

  2. \”Do you plan to add more varied customization of the sight in the game?

    And leave half the modders out of work? No, we are not going to\”

    Or you could just do what WOWS did and pay the modders to have their sight in the vanilla section.

    \”Is it possible to add the button “premium tanks only” to the filter of the tank carousel?

    Thanks for the idea, we’ll think about it.\”

    What? Do they play their own game? It\’s already there. Give me that non-elite filter already.

    1. I agree, and it would also be nice with a \”hide premium tanks\” filter 🙂

  3. regarding wheeled tanks, i understand that you can\’t track them, but not penning them when you hit the wheels …. this is way too much. it is enough that you can\’t hit them most of the times, but to not pen them….

  4. MM +2/-2 seems to be killing the game as most lower tier tanks are usually outnumbered by higher tiers, and are impervious to gold ammo of the lower tears turning these players into seals to be pounded into oblivion. Are you people even noticing this?

    1. +2/-2 Is the best thing in the game as it makes battles variable and higher tier tanks never outnumber lower tier tanks because there are only 3-4 high tier tanks in +2/-2

  5. « Q: Is it planned to expand the current tech trees?
    A: It would be very desirable, it depends on how successfully our researchers will declassify the old archives. »

    they gave the same reply regarding new tanks for the US TT but I got to add this, how come they had access to the AE Phase I and T95E8 (T95E2 LPC) that had relative proximity with the M1 Abrams development BUT cannot get access to the H-1, H-3, and other concepts from late 1940\’s and early 1950\’s that were \”planned\” even before the M48 and are less restricted due to the older technology?

    are they just playing dumb or do they think the players are dumb and cannot connect the dots?

    if we exclude the LT line expansion, since almost all nations got one, the autoloader line was the last line added to the US TT, since then the pretty much every other major TT got new lines or rework of the existing ones to adapt to the meta and correct the progression, the E-100 and Maus lines rework, the Soviet TT massive rework and expansion, the French rework and new Heavy line, even the Japanese got their Super Heavies reworked to fit better in a gameplay pattern for the whole line

    I\’ll just say that it is not because they can\’t but because they do not want to, I understand the obstacles for a Eastern European company with connections to Russia to have access, however the archives were not discovered after WoT was released, other people (both amateurs and authors) were searching them before, I am sure they can contact some for info regarding vehicles they researched in the past

  6. \”Do you plan to add more varied customization of the sight in the game?

    And leave half the modders out of work? No, we are not going to.\”


  7. \”Next year marks 75 years since the Great Victory. Is a new fan mode or event planned in honor of this date?

    Yes, we are thinking about a complex of activities.\”

    \”Will there be other maps dedicated to the hero-cities, such as “Minsk”?

    It is not excluded.\”

    I can so easily recognize that these questions were asked by a russian it\’s annoying

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