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    1. Yep and completely ridiculous for balance at tier8….

      Especially this being a premium (Rasha) tank again and those donkeys at WG refuse/will/can never nerf it, keep their game balance in check if ever needed.

      But well, they keep doing it to themselves while the world around them constructively tried, for some time at least, to point out these thing…in vain.

  1. everything what a LT cna heve? -check !
    armor?? CHECK !
    ruski gun?- CHECK !
    broken gun? – no problem comrade !


    fucking idiots…

  2. that guy who played on this new tank noob. What a positioning and game play… Accidently made a good results, cause the gameplay was so bad.

  3. I swore I won`t give any more money to WG, but if this goes live in the current state I`m getting one for my wife asap.

    Best anniversary present EVAH!

    1. Scratch that, I thought this thing will have a 100mm gun with ~210mm pen.

      I wouldn`t be getting it with 85mm gun.

  4. My god you idiots are never happy.

    “Waaaah why does WG never make good light tanks!!!”

    *WG makes a good light tank*

    “Waaaaaah it’s better than all the shitty light tanks omg unbalanced bullshit”

    You people are why WG doesn’t give a shit about player opinion

    1. Pretty much this, finaly something that might even be usefull in this meta (even though i would still like to see lights get a bit more pen) and people start whining.

      But i also think this is a reaction to the fact this is another good Russian prem…

      Now what would also be nice if you could buy this tank and other prems on test server and try them out. Who knows, I might even install WoT back if this would be fun enough on test server.

      1. It’s a better light tank, but that doesn’t mean it’s OP or something. The problem is that it looks better on paper than the regular light tanks. And it’s Russian. I do think it has to much armor for a light, but in general I don’t think a light tank can be OP in this meta. Paper tanks can’t carry.

        1. If it wasn’t for the low health and somewhat bad firepower (alpha and penetration) LT-432 would be a great medium tank. It’s superior to the LTTB in everything but engine power and ground resistance, and hull armor but the LT-432 has better sloping on the frontal plate. Honestly this thing along with the German M41 is what light tanks should be now that armored cars are going to be a thing – leave the sorry job of scouting to them, and have some fun as a regular tank.

          1. That’s true. I have the Blackdog and I don’t consider it as OP. LT’s are way to vulnarable and only good players will excel playing that kind of tanks. And that is how it should be. There should be some kind of a skill cap.

            They should also buff the gunhandling of the Leo 1 because of the same reasons. It could never be OP with that armor, profile and camo. Only good players can excel with such a tank.

    2. The point is that we do still have two distinct problems- one is that the normal light tanks were needlessly overnerfed during the re tiering, which makes the premium lights seem OP by comparison. And the second is that even compared to the premiums that already exist, something like this 432 is arguably OP. Compare it for instance to the recent pitch for the M41D.

  5. People complaining that he had a good result when top tier in 3-5-7 MM against pretty terrible enemy players, really?
    Of course it’s great in that situation, but how often will that happen?

  6. I only came here to read the whining.. then you have the dweeb saying that the guy playing only has a 1100 WN8… hmm, so a majority of players? sorry if you are a unicunt, and think your opinion matters.. WN8 doesn’t matter thanks to padders like yourself that get exposed for being a padder, because your post are those of a potato.

  7. The most ridiculous moment is at the end, when he bounces the Scorp G …
    Even most HTs would have bad chances of doing that, but a russian LT? Easily balanced, comrade! *fp*

    Otherwise: sure, he was hightier. A LT still should not be able to dominate like this.

    1. LTs can easily dominate, why not? And that bounce from Skorpion, I didn’t see nothing too special. You can bounce that in a french light, nothing too crazy here.

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