Advent Calendar: Day 9

“Engin Léger de Combat au rapport!”

The ELC EVEN 90 is our Advent Calendar offer of the day. Known for being one of the smallest vehicles in World of Tanks, this French Light tank is also one of the fastest. Forget about the furious part for now, and concentrate on what matters with this speedster: outstanding stealth, amazing mobility, and a sneaky autoloader for tricky situations. More on that in our gameplay guide, by the way. Add the ELC EVEN 90 to your garage now, you only have 24 hours!Important: The ELC EVEN 90 is part of our Advent Calendar! Therefore, you can purchase it through the bundle or directly in the game for 6,800.


Advent Calendar: Day 8

Based on the robust IS-2 and IS-3, this Chinese prototype is here to punch!

Inspired by Soviet classics, the WZ-111 is our Advent Calendar offer of the day. And you’ve guessed it, this bad boy relies on raw strength to thrive on the battlefield. With a good alpha damage, a high top speed and a strong frontal armour, this heavy is a dangerous brawler that can become even more ferocious with HEAT shells—known for their high penetration. Add the WZ-111 to your garage now, you have 24 hours!Important: The WZ-111 is part of our Advent Calendar! Therefore, you can purchase it through the bundle or directly in the game for 12,550.

SuperTest: The Lansen

The Lansen C hits Supertest today!

The Lansen C is a Swedish Medium Tank. And get this: it goes really fast. The power-to-weight ratio is outstanding: 28.4 hp/ton with a top speed of 50km. While the top speed isn’t anything to necessarily write home about on its own, the substantial power-to-weight ratio allows it to hit that top speed quickly and maintain it on soft ground. Additionally boasting solid firepower on a 10.5cm cannon with 320 average Alpha. While 320 Alpha is above average for a Tier VIII medium, its accuracy and aiming parameters prevent it from being a reliable sniper.

Coupled with the relatively low armor values, this will likely place the Lansen C into a Flex Support category, similar to mid-tiered US Mediums. On paper, I would liken the vehicle to a Tier VIII T20 with better mobility. You need to rely on your mobility and the excellent Gun Depression angle of -10 Degrees.

The vehicle will excel at claiming key map positions early, engaging in some active scouting, then flexing to another flank for support. The Lansen is a ‘social’ vehicle – it fares better in a pack than it does in one-on-one engagements, so laying down solid, punchy, mid-range supporting fire is the name of the game. As always, stats are subject to change based on testing.

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LT-432, 1, Go!

A new light tank is approaching!

But just this once, it’s not all about speed. Sure, the LT-432 is a fast Tier VIII, but this Soviet light tank is also resilient! For its class, this little guy is well-protected by a fairly robust hull and turret armour.

A decent view range and good rate of fire mean that you can play the LT-432 like a medium-light hybrid. Spot enemies from the comfort of a good bush thanks to its camouflage value, and get ready to support and flank with its high-velocity ammo. Learn more about the dos and don’ts of this new tank with our manual.

Bonus Codes

Some of you might already be familiar with it, but let’s introduce them again! All the packages above feature 3 (Supreme), 2 (Ultimate) or 1 (Standard) bonus codes to share with your tank friends. With it, they will be able to play the LT-432 for 25 battles! 

Price ≈ 24€.

Defender? – NO SH*T

Well, sort of!

Will you recognize it without the flag painted on its tough turret? No? Strong armour – does it ring a bell? Still nothing? How about amazing alpha damage and good penetration?

Aaah, finally you get it. We are talking about the Defender. Now, this is its classical version, but don’t worry! Even without this flag, the Object 252U is as powerful as its branded brother, plus it gives you extra freedom when it comes to customisation. With its thick and well-sloped front armour, this tank can charge its way into battle while its BL-13 gun will scare the literal hell out of its enemies. Have a look at the specific tank guide for more information on its gameplay.

So add this absolute unit to your arsenal right now!

Price ≈ 57€.

7 days rental codes are working again

  • All codes are valid until December 31 at 23:59 CET (UTC + 1)
New code list:
  • TQLORRAINE – Lorraine 40t
  • TQBULL – Bulldog
  • TQT26E5 – T26E5
  • TQM4A1REV – M4A1 Revalorisé
  • TQSOMUASM – Somua SM
  • TQT92LIGHT – T92 LT
  • TQT34HEAVY – T34
  • TQAMXM4 – AMX M4 mle. 49
  • TQJAGDTIGER88 – JagdTiger 8.8
  • TQCANONDASSAUT – AMX Canon d’assaut 105
  • TQLOEWE – Löwe
  • TQWZ1201GFT – WZ-120-1G FT
  • TQTYPE64LT – Type 64
  • TQIS6HVY – IS-6