LT-432, 1, Go!

A new light tank is approaching!

But just this once, it’s not all about speed. Sure, the LT-432 is a fast Tier VIII, but this Soviet light tank is also resilient! For its class, this little guy is well-protected by a fairly robust hull and turret armour.

A decent view range and good rate of fire mean that you can play the LT-432 like a medium-light hybrid. Spot enemies from the comfort of a good bush thanks to its camouflage value, and get ready to support and flank with its high-velocity ammo. Learn more about the dos and don’ts of this new tank with our manual.

Bonus Codes

Some of you might already be familiar with it, but let’s introduce them again! All the packages above feature 3 (Supreme), 2 (Ultimate) or 1 (Standard) bonus codes to share with your tank friends. With it, they will be able to play the LT-432 for 25 battles! 

Price ≈ 24€.