November Specials (EU)

Top of the Tree

01-30 November: it’s time for the Polish tanks to shine, with discounts on the whole line leading to the 60TP Lewandowskiego!

Role Model

03-05 November: lead by example with this new special featuring missions for every tank class in the game!

Rainy Days

06-09 November: With autumn comes a lot of rain. No need for an umbrella, though. Just jump into your tank and complete a chain of missions with increasing rewards!

Remembrance Day

10-12 November: celebrate the end of World War I with this new special, featuring discounts on most vehicles and more, as well as x5 XP for your first victory!

Xtra Progress

13-16 November: XP once again stands for Xtra Progress as you’ll fight for great sums of XP!

XP Fever

17-19 November: you know it and you’ll get it again, the XP fever is back! And with this special come multiple XP missions!

Team Effort

20-23 November: Gather your fellow tankers for great platoon battles and various rewarding missions.

Black Friday

24-26 November: Ready, Set, Go! It’s that time of the year again – Black Friday is here and just like in every shop, ours will feature tons of great discounts!

Crew is Crucial

27-30 November: Once again, it’s time to treat your tankers with all sorts of crew-related discounts!

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