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  1. I doubt they’ll nerf this tank anytime soon. If anything, they might probably give this tank the 183mm Deathstar gun.

  2. …i bought that tank few days ago, just to try it, already got Kolobanov medal :). In a full T10 battle, its not a big deal, big HE guns and gold will kill u in no time. However, if u get T8 battle with this thing, OH BOY, thats another story, u can literally see the fear in T8 tanks when u rush towards them and they can do nothing to stop u…

  3. Reminder

    “Q: How is the Obj. 268 V4 doing?”
    “A: There are a lot of voices, both good and bad, but that means that the tank is balanced. A nerf is improbable, but a buff very possible.”

    1. It’s so annoying that people are mentioning this shit. Nobody ever fucking said that.

          1. I just followed the link and I eventually watched the Q&A stream with Andrey Biletskyi,

            https://www.twitch.tv/videos/234403166 at the 1:05:15 mark is where the 268 v4 question is asked. I’ll transcribe the exact words from Andrey’s mouth.

            “Well without disclosing any specific number. Generally saying if there is this kind of widespread opinions, that means that the tank is doing very well. So if there are many people who don’t believe that the tank is powerful, is powerful… that see… um… massive weaknesses in it’s design or is the way How it implies you to play and there is others who is saying. “No no no this is the most OP tank ever.” then everything is good. it’s exactly what we generally trying to achieve as a design team. because for people who feels it’s great. It’s either a machine that is fitting their play style really well or it’s… countering their play style very well.”

            “With people who are believing, who believe this is an extremely weak machine and should be buffed. it’s the other way around. It doesn’t fit what they do on it were… their… trying to do something against it, is extremely effective. So uh..(begins to stutter.) we asked one of the guys on the community stream, who first used the phrase. “This object 268 slash 4 is a riot police tank destroyer.” Because it rushes in and starts. (waves arms as if bashing an object with a club.) Break faces. So uh it’s actually a very effective assault… aggressive… vehicle.”

            “But if you’re not playing it assault and aggressive. If your team does not allow you to play assault and aggressive, or if an enemy is ready. Ready to meet you… uh and um… counter it’s tactics it’s not super effective.”

            Part 2 next post

            1. “So uh I said that on Russian stream that we, when observing how a new vehicle performs we generally don’t try to draw conclusion first month. Because first doctors are normally pretty skilled guys, and they distort uh the data. They are basically effective on every vehicle or on most of the vehicles so it’s very easy to get super scared and say. “Oh my god it’s over powered we need to do something about it whatever.”

              “I know rate of fire, alpha, survivability, HP, engine whatever else. It’s uh… much more um… beneficial for everybody if we observe it. That is uh the basic feedback that is so polarized about the vehicle that generally make me happy. I really am happy as well that people who are afraid that the change from 263 to 268 won’t be fair and want an interesting gameplay are changing their minds. Because… Definitely interesting vehicle to play with. That makes me positive.”

              “We’re looking at every vehicle basically all the time. We have a dashboard that well. (stutters.) Well not in real time. But basically, daily are the information about how a vehicle is performing, how high is the skill curve, how it effects a person’s win rate and effectiveness in dealing damage and receiving damage, and ect. So there are multiples, multiple things that they mention, we are following constantly.”

              “So if the question is. “Can I Level it up and play?” Or. “Are you going to nerf it tomorrow?” Yes you can level it up and play, we are not going to nerf it, um tomorrow for sure and I don’t think we are going to nerf it anytime soon.”

              I don’t care about anybodies side here, War gaming can do whatever the fuck they want at this point, but I thought I might just post everything that was said.

              1. I’ve read this in full and honestly, this Blyatski guy or whatever his name is makes political party speakers look trustworthy in comparison. Fine, gather your data, but when it is clear as day that a vehicle is overperforming regardless of who’s driving it and both CCs and the community agree for a change that it’s retardedly overpowered, then at least admit you fucked up in balancing and take the appropriate steps to solve the issue.

                Then again, if they admitted they fucked up balancing, they’d have to remove half the vehicles in the game…

  4. After coming back to the game a few months ago and trying it out, because they had changed my beloved o263, and I found that it was a profoundly stupid tank.

    There’s no subtlety.
    You just drive up, let’s bullshit armor do the job and pew pew inaccurate, too damage and too penetrating shells at the closest enemy, then rack up tanking points while you back away while you reload.
    It makes the KV-2 look full of finesse.

    Stupid tank for stupid people relying on the unholy triumverate of RNG accuracy tomato bonus, bullshit armor and “press 2 to win” hand holding.

    But the worst part?
    The worst fucking part of it all?
    They butchered the fun and quirky o263 for this shit.
    They saw people having fun in a unique tank and thought “No, we can’t have that in our recreational video game”, very probably with a massive shit-eating grin.

  5. obj 263 is too pwerfull on tier 9 as well, it face tier 8 and 7 which cant compete with it. All new tanks added are unbalanced or OP.

    1. SU-100M1 is brokenly overpowered too. Similar armor and much better mobility than tier 9 Jagdtiger but two tiers lower.

  6. I quit taking this game serious I only play to have fun in my elc even 90.. My teams are shit? I jump and hide into a bush and play hide and seek.

  7. the problem is the tank is not OP when you know how to deal with it. Problem is 90% of the players are too dumb or don’t have the skill to not stand in front of the tank and try to kill it from the front.

    1. lmao you are delusional.

      Every good player knows this tank is op as hell. Even quickybaby (Whos the biggest WG fanboy asskisser) knows its op.

    2. I agree this is the case for most things people complain about, but this obj. is really just too powerfull. In a game where you basically play corridors, when you play a lower tier tank your only options are to either run, just to get caught up with it because it’s fast enough, or try to flank it, just to get sniped away by everything that’s camping behind it’s OP frontal armour. The object is OP no matter how you toss or turn it. And on top of it’s frontal armour, even it’s side armour bounces a fuckload of shells if you don’t spam gold.

    3. And other than trying to flank this thing what other skill one needs? If a v4 driver is not stupid they will play it like a battering ram and keep their front towards incoming fire at all times, and if they get flanked and assblasted either their team folded and they lose cover, or they overextended and deserve to be punished.

      And no, being in a Tier 10 TD with gold loaded is not ‘knowing how to deal with it’, that rubbish mentality is why the playerbase has accepted gold spam as the norm.

    4. Yes of course, I should just flank it in a corridor map when it goes as fast a medium. You are probably one of those people who think the 3/5/7 MM is a great thing and that lower tier tanks should find other lower tier tanks to fight while playing on a map the size of a closet.

  8. As long as the community buys every pile of crap being sold by WG and uses prem ammo en mass, nochting will change.
    But idiots chose to boost their WN8 and fap with their stats- and this is the product they ordered. WG just deliveres that, what the dumb pleb wants.
    And as long the community as a whole does not change – me included- WG will not change anything.
    So, its up to you. Tou you all.

  9. People still actually play this shit game competitively?

    what a joke.

    this game is NOT an e-sport, nor is it competitive, and it never will be.

    Bunch of gimmick tanks (Type 5, 183, etc), bullshit balance, RNG in every aspect of the game, artillery.

    Get over it, this game is for fucking around and for people who actually take it serious and try to be competitive, nice meme.

    1. Oh look, a shitstain that still bothers viewing a blog mainly about said shit game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Really the only reason i come back here is to play my pz ic for laughs. Other than that, i am nore than happy to see WG see wot truly die soon

  11. “It’s fine, you guys just don’t know how to play against it”
    “OK, how do you play against it genius?”
    “I uh, you know…go around it and stuff.”
    “Thanks for that pro tip.”

  12. He rants about everything non stop, so nothing new tbh. But when the rants about the obvious you share it? The one rant he did not need to make tbh, as everyone rants about it.

  13. WG have ninja nerfed it already and the way they have done it is the MM will pair another 268-4 or ONLY certain other equally powerful tds to pair it on opposite teams. I notice when I run mine I meet enemy 268-4, failing that I meet a jpze100, 4005, and I think the 183 also matches it, in WG eyes. WG also does this with other tanks that are revealed through global server data as “op” in random battles.

    Can I please have my wtfe-100 back NOW?.

  14. equally powerfull td?there is none
    and the reason that you meet other 268 4 is because they re op and everybody plays them

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