WoT – Graphics Evolution : The Future begins with 1.0 – Digest

The more important points from the latest WG video:

  • Regarding maps, we’re not being sneaky here. Province is a map for the italian branch. It’s very unique, has it’s own style. Of course it’s small, even after increasing its size to 850 sq. meters, but we’ll see how it plays. Visually it’s very good.
  • Studzianki are of course connected with Poland, since it’s obviously a Polish map, inspired by a historical place. It was a bit easier to make, since it’s not a city map.
  • Regarding Kharkov, we have two ways out. We can tweak the old map, or make a totally new one, but with the characteristic plaza.
  • We want to revive a few old maps. I won’t give names, but it’s not Dragon’s Ridge. I’m talking about really old maps which we removed a long time ago, and now we want to cover with a new coat of paint.
  • We have a cunning, 2-in-1 plan on how to revive the Port map
  • We’re working on new maps too. The plans for now are a city map, a half-countryside map, and some specific region maps. For now, our programmers are working on adding effects and such.
  • We can make some nice stuff using Havok. We’ll see what will come, a lot of experiments are in motion. We have the tech, we want to use the full potential. We can’t promise anything, like night battles, sunsets, destruction, or weather fx. If the players like something, it might appear in the game.
  • Right now the most important things is new content, namely the Italians and Poles, just like we promised. The Italians have a new mechanic, and some really interesting tanks, especially on high tiers.
  • There are new game mechanics, there also will be new game modes, even this year.
  • Personal Missions 2.0 will appear this year.
  • We’re working on new equipment, maybe it won’t appear this year, but we’ll try.
  • We’re planning a lot of events for our players
  • We’re getting to work on prem tanks. The new KV-5 will be tested soon.