WoT – Q&A Stream 02.03.2018

Q&A with the Creative Director, Alexander Biletskyi

Q: Will the conversion of maps to HD help the players understand them better?
A: We first of all wanted to unify the graphical representation of the terrain, but at the same time, we understand that players who first see the HD maps themselves will feel confused, because they already saw a lot of things is set places.

After talking to our CCs from the CIS region, even they were confused at first on the new maps. There was a bit of time needed, and they needed a dozen or two battles to get the “flow” of the new maps. We tried to leave some feature untouched.

We tried to induce what we call a “double shock” in the players when they first enter a map. We also wanted the players not to be too overwhelmed with what’s behind the map border

Q: Will Italian tanks appear in patch 1.0?
A: Version 1.0 is not only about HD maps, but also a new engine, supporting both old and new computers. Italian tanks will appear after patch 1.0, because we have to introduce a few new mechanisms, like the new auto-reloading, or a new pen and damage calculation system on the server-side.

Q: Why is there something changing with each iteration of the test?
A: Our dev team monitors the situation constantly and implements necessary fixes, so that more experienced players don’t exploit bugs.

Q: With version 1.0, do you plan to introduce new effects, like night, rain, snow, or fog, which would lower view range?
A: Technically, it’s possible, we’re conducting internal experiments. On a good PC it will work great, on an average or bad one, not so much, or it would have a detrimental effect on gameplay. So definitely not in 1.0.

Q: Will you introduce all Havok elements? Destroying all map elements?
A: Step by step, but we won’t introduce the destruction of absolutely everything, because then the gameplay would change drastically, and we don’t want that to happen. Above all we’ll introduce some fixes to allow Havok fun to a degree, and also we want to implement new maps, just like old one, or removed ones with a new coat of paint in the upcoming year.

Q: Can you retrain the female tankers you won during the Christmas event for onto the Italian tanks?
A: No, because the Italian tanks will come later. Additionally, it won’t be the only occasion to “win” new girls.

Q: You focused on the new map, but what about bots?
A: We’re trying to fight the anti-bot system, but there’s a fine line between something good and legal, and good and illegal. To fight bots effectively, we need to create software specifically for this (and respect local laws).

Q: What’s the reason for “flattening” most of the maps?
A: It might seem like that because some light and shadow interactions, but the maps are balanced. In the new patch, we made them so that the inclines are identical on both sides, but because of the new lighting systems, it looks otherwise. Some places were indeed flattened, because we found that some places were giving tanks with mediocre depression a disadvantage.

Q: Will you be able to pick the gender of the crew person you’ll gain from PMs?
A: No, because female tankers were created as something unique, but if the players push hard enough, we might cave in.

Q: Will some Personal Missions be changed? Some are impossible right now.
A: Our observations state otherwise, but we’re monitoring the situation.

Q: Will 4K textures be available for players with good rigs?
A: We’re thinking about that.

Q: Is WoT 1.0 compatible with Windows Sonic and/or Dolby Atmos?
A: I’m not a person capable of answering that.

Q: Will we be able to see the crew in the garage?
A: Yes, but only after we introduce new customization elements.

Q: Will you add multi-turret/gun tanks after 1.0?
A: No, not this year, because it would create balance issues.

Q: Will the current mods be compatible with 1.0?
A: They shouldn’t.

Q: Will be we able to use 1st person spectator mode?
A: Not now.

Q: What was the easiest, and what the hardest in the new patch?
A: The hardest was finding the middle with optimizing the graphics, the easiest was the decision to introduce HD maps.

Q: How is the Obj. 268 V4 doing?
A: There are a lot of voices, both good and bad, but that means that the tank is balanced. A nerf is improbable, but a buff very possible.

Q: What about perks?
A: We’ll announce something this year. We want them to be more streamlined with the tank classes, and we want the player to know which perks the enemy has, just by seeing the stat changes they provide. The players will be compensated after the new system gets introduced.

Q: Can we expect some buffs in 1.0, specifically for some tier VIIIs?
A: Not in 1.0, but we’re looking at them and you’ll soon see the new details. We won’t do it all at once.

Q: Many people asked about tiers above X.
A: Nothing like that planned, but we plan to introduce new vehicles on the current tiers.

Q: New prem arty?
A: I know nothing.

Q: Does arty prevent camping?
A: Yes, because players would just bundle up and the bigger group would always win. And that’s why we need arty.

Q: Is there a possibility to limit arty to 1 per battle?
A: I know that arty is necessary, but how many is another topic.\

Q: Wheeled vehicles?
A: Of course.

Q: Why the 257 as the replacement for the T-10?
A: Because its playstyle is consistent with the whole line. Regarding the T-10, we have a worthy successor for it, which plays very similarly.

Q: What about the Chieftain Mk. 6?
A: Not this year. The Chieftain line is in a very advanced state currently.

Q: Lowering RNG spread?
A: No. In the future, crew skills might affect it a little bit.

Q: Will the Rudy be moved to the Polish tree?
A: Possibly.

Q: Polish tanks when?
A: Can’t tell for sure

Q: Italians then?
A: Until the end of the year, just like the Poles. At least that’s the plan.

Q: What about pref MM tanks?
A: Most likely will be buffed to rival X tiers.

Q: After removing pref MM, will some tier VIII tanks be brought down a tier and nerfed?
A: Maybe, maybe not.

Q: Are you happy with 3-5-7 MM?
A: Not completely, but we’re improving the algorithm constantly.

Q: Ranked tier VIII battles?
A: Yes, but don’t know when.

Q: Other tiers in Ranked?
A: Most likely for NA.

Q: 1.0 when?
A: We hope for March.