2018 Russian Victory Day Parade

The main new piece unveiled this year is the Uran-9 (pictured below), a remote-controlled robot which already saw action in Syria. Other new arrivals include the Uran-6 remote-operated mine-sweeper, Korsar & Katran drones, the Sukhoi Su-57 stealth fighter and the MiG-31.


15 thoughts on “2018 Russian Victory Day Parade

  1. Guys, if you watch closely you can see Putin’s trained monkey walking behind him, he’s the president of my country and loves to eat Putin’s dick 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. poor ruskies. To demontrate military parade to whole world can only country, who has a problems with economy. So we have Korea and ruskies.


  3. I love how cleaned the tanks and trucks, just look at the tires of the trucks! so damn shiny and clean. I think if I livedin Russia I came to Moscow each year for this.

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    1. You wouldn’t really want to live outside of Moscow. But then again some people may disagree and say that Moscow is shit and it’s better to live in a smaller city. Eh.


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