WoT – Argentinian Fake News

This just in:

Falathi, Community Coordinator: Well, I dunno. From what I know, the Argentinian Sherman might be an error in communication. Maybe the tank will appear on NA, but not on EU, and it’s seemingly not planed.
To be clear: I don’t know nothing about implementing the tank on our (EU) server. I also don’t know whether it will be implemented on the NA server – if that was the case, I would most likely know.

So the Sherman Despacito, or whatever it’s called is most likely the buzzword of 2017 – fake news.

17 thoughts on “WoT – Argentinian Fake News

      1. LMAO you think I\’m Ectar? Either you\’re stupid for real or you have a very uncomfortable banana deep up into your ass. I wasn\’t even defending WG, I just pointed out the choice of words. What a clown 😀

        1. Didnt wanted to insult you in any way. And no I dont think you are Ectar I read everything from you right. And a little advise before you blame other people to be stupid. Think of the words you are using otherwise this can be a selfpwn also with the fact you are spending indeed too much time here and reading useless comments..

          1. You don\’t think I\’m Ectar but you call me Ectar? Sounds legit…

            1. Nope I dont call you Ectar it was ment like \”what an ape Ectar is\” They are all clowns the whole bunch of community apes but some of them realy shine \”in the right hands\”

  1. I think it\’s still possible to be true, do not forget that they have launched the south-america server for a while and adding south-american modifications as premiums might get them a few more players

  2. none of the ppl involve in the song despacito are from Argentina. Pls dont put us all in the same bag

    1. really? it\’s a joke, and btw despacito is the title of the song but is also a word of the official language of Argentina, no one was even trying to hint the song and the tank have anything in common

  3. \”To be clear: I don’t know nothing\”

    Just lol

    Does he know something or did he learn English on a council estate?

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