14 thoughts on “WoT HD – Arctic Region

  1. Nice music, i really liked that.
    The map looks good tho slme new usable passages are there too, but why is there a capzone in the heavy/brawl area ? Arctic region Attack/Defense incoming? And why is this map called \”linia mannergeima\” aka \”mannheimer line\” in russia ?

  2. As I have thought many times before: this rework again looks absolutely stunningly beautiful!

    My ever growing reservations: stunning graphics are not the only component that makes a game, into a great game.
    For that a game also needs: very good game mechanics, good content and most importantly overall good balance.

    The first and the latter are IMO mediocre \’at best\’ and have become worsened over the past 1.5 years of (vision &) development. Then I\’m not even touching how it fits WG\’s monitization strategy.

    I sincerely hope one day change will befall Wargaming, that changes their development stance to the positive instead of the road they have taken.

    1. WG is doing better than a coupla years ago. And what’s bad about monetization? We’re slowly shifting away from expensive premium tanks, which is great, I think.

      1. Thankfully WG is doing things \’different\’, but, different is not necessarily better 😉

        In regards to monitization strategies in f2p environments, it\’s how it it interwoven into the game play mechanics. These can be designed to emphasis positives and negatives feelings, in order to engage a person into a product and through them persuade them into spending by addressing/generating pos/neg feelings (can be very subtle).

        IMO World of Tanks always had a bit too much of a focus on emphasizing aspect that give a \’negative\’ feeling through it\’s game mechanics.

        So some examples.
        A player \’feels the need\’ to skip tanks (tech tree roadblocks, a.k. exp sinks); or \’feels the need\’ to buy premium tanks because credits; or \’feels the need\’ to rush the up tiers because they get frequently get stomped in 2+ MM and \” I needz +2 high tier tankz too! \”.
        Then they get frustrated because, not knowing basic game mechanics, grinding makes them huge credit losses. So they \’feel the need\’ to purchase premium account or more premium content to circumvent that and the negative feeling of \’feel the need\’ that is given.
        The above examples I have seen in my clan, since 2013, occur countless times with new players. Most of the became soo frustrated that they eventually caves in.

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