WoT NA – New Prem Sherman

UPDATE: The tank was confimed by Falathi to not come, here:


According to Dom1n, the next tank which will make its way to the game will be the Sherman Repotencionado, straight out of Argentina.


It will supposedly be sold from 15th to 26th February on the NA server. It’s basically a 70’s Sherman VC with a 105 mm FTR L44/57 gun, which is a copy of the French CN-105-57, and a new Poyaud 520 engine with 325 HP.


16 thoughts on “WoT NA – New Prem Sherman

    1. sounds to be tier 8, since its gun is the CN-105-57, which is the same gun as the one on the M4A1 Revolver Ocelot

    1. It will be in the USA tech tree if it\’s released. WG said two new nations will be released in 2018, Italy and Poland so I doubt they will create the rest of the world tree this early.

    1. Agreed, it might come a year from now as part of that \”world\” tree, didn\’t they just announce that there might be a world tree?

  1. If this tank have the same weight 35t like M4 Rev so the engine with 325HP is very bad while Rev have 550HP engine.

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