17 thoughts on “WoT – Early Access Shenanigans?

  1. Why the hell we dont get any infos when the next patch comes to the EU server? Are they just retarded or still counting the money they made with the xmass scamboxes?

    1. Why bitch about the lootboxes? A lot of people hot a type 59 or an other good premium tier 8 tank and a lot of gold and other stuff. Good value dit money.

      About sharing info you are right, WG is not so transparant with that.

  2. As long as the EVEN gets a regular release in the shop for everyone to buy, and that the prices are those listed in the previews (was shown today that the bundles will be 25.05€, 49.99€ and 99.99€) I\’m okay with this. It would be an entirely different story if WG were to release unique content available ONLY to a select few.

    1. 25.05€ for the weakest nerfed to hell Tier 8 Premium tank EVER, that\’s ever been released
      a T8 with poor T6 stats your gonna buy it, really?

      you cannot think that 25.05€ is good value surely!
      common I mean really, seriously?

      ~ well then I guess with people like you ~
      WG are LAUGHING REAL HARD all the way to there overflowing bank vaults

      1. Not everyone plays the game to try-hard in an OP tank, some people just want to play a \”video game\” for fun, and driving around in the smallest tier 8 tank in the game at high-speed while trolling people who struggle to hit it, is more than enough fun for some people to buy it.

      2. What Jack Fisher said. The EVEN will never be a retard-proof damage farmer that tryhards can use to pad their precious stats, but if you bothered to have a look on wotreplays you\’ll notice this \’turd\’ can pull off extremely good games, both damage-wise and spotting-wise. And yes, it is a lot of fun to play.

  3. Thought I should mention this here.
    I got the ELC offer, and the only time I used Prem Account was the days received through various offers, never bought Prem time in the last…3-4 years.
    Got some prem time bundled with prem tier 8s, but never put bought time with money.

    1. \”Got some prem time bundled with prem tier 8s, but never put bought time with money.\”

      Lol, and how did you pay for those bundles, if not with money?

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