9.21 Release Date

The patch comes on December 12 on the RU server (night from 11 to 12), meaning we should expect a December 13 release date on EU/NA. ASIA is estimated to get it a week later based on previous patch releases.

Reminder: if you have not recruited the female crew member from the Personal Mission compensation yet, do so before the patch; FV217 Badger will replace the FV215b (183), so finish the grind and have the tank in order to recieve the FV215b (183) as a special tank.


12 thoughts on “9.21 Release Date

  1. Am on Asia server and havnt seen anything about recruitment of a Female crew member or compensation. How can I check. Sorry for dumb question


    1. It should be in the Alert section in the bottom right had of the screen, in the third tab, which looks like a present, if my memory serves me correctly.

      If not there, check in the Campaign rewards section, as I think some people had her turn up there.

      If it’s not there either, then your account wasn’t eligible for whatever reason.


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