9.21 Test – VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher


Tier: HT-8, Germany, premium
HP: 1700
Engine: 780 hp
Mass: 168 t
Maximum load: 175 t
Power-to-weight: 4,64 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 20 / -15 km / h
Hull turning speed: 18 °/s
Turret turning speed: 15,6 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,767 / 0,863 / 1,918
View range: 400 m
Radio range: 740,4 m

Hull armor: 180 / 130 / 100 mm
Turret armor: 230 / 160 / 100 mm

Gun: 12,8 cm Kw.K. L/50 A

Alpha Damage: 440 / 440 / 630
Penetration: 220 / 260 / 65 mm
Rate of fire: 4,171 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1835,4
Reload time: 14,384 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,384
Aiming time: 2,59 s
Depression/Elevation: -8 / +25

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44 thoughts on “9.21 Test – VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher

  1. I have this nagging feeling that we will see this monstrosity being released as one of those “special” advent calendar surprises they have for us.

    Where one part of their player base is screaming of joy and the rest of the world *cough* player base looks in disgust and wonders why the fuck WG doens’t listen to their feedback.


    1. I’ve the same bad feeling. I really hope WG will remove this ridiculous and shameful description. I don’t understand even why they decided to write something as indecent.

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  2. Please someone tell me that there is a version without this … indescribable bad camo as well.

    I just want it plain old Feldgrau… is that so bad????

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    1. If only you actually knew what was going in tanks eh?… let me save your poor addled and unfunctioning brain from the stress and horror of having to actually read for yourself.

      Next patch all players can toggle unhistorical camo’s (clown paint jobs like Patriot/Liberte) on and off…

      You’re more than welcome you lazy ignorant tw@t. Until your next lazy useless unnformed comment.


      1. Instead of swearing around like someone with an IQ below 50 you should maybe ask yourselfes if other people do read this news as well, yes, you can toggle unhistorical camos off, yet that doesn’t fix this monstrosity.

        And hey, i’m glad you present the toxic underage community of this game even here, thanks to people like you the community is bullshit, IM SO PROUD OF YOU :)))

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        1. That’s how you treat someone who actually answered your question and done teh work of reading teh answer for you?.. explains why your 43% winrate is your plateau I guess…


          1. edit: also you accuse me of swearing at you?… maybe those big words were just too alien for you…I insulted you for being lazy (which you are) and ignorant (which you also are)..they are only words son grow up and thicken that skin…or continue along your path of being yet another easily insulted millenial who wants everything handed to them on a plate and treated with kid gloves no matter how much of a tard you’re being.


          2. GG, you answered a rhetorical question!

            And now you go by stats you didnt even looked at to see they are wrong, you just proove yourself more and more a prime example of the WoT community.

            By the way you talk i assume every second shot fired by you seems to be Premium Ammo, and i also assume you are one of these People calling others bots and idiots in game.
            Great Work Gentlemen!


  3. Power-to-weight: 4,64 hp / t

    That´s the best part of this bad Premium-Stone/Tank-Spam/Joke.

    WG, fix the fuxxing Chatproblems instead creating such ugly BS on tracks.


  4. Take the VK100.01P, but make it worse and give it a weakspot cupola that can be penned by tier 7.
    Good job, you now have an underpowered tank.

    Even with a 15cm gun this tank would be bad, just because it’s so slow and the cupola negates its armor.


    1. In a perfect WoT, without the the powercreep gap increaase of the past 2 years, it’s armor scheme sounds better balanced than the VK100.01P’s by the sound of it.

      Too bad though a lot has gone down the drain for tier 8’s in general.

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      1. In the current meta, what is “balanced” on paper ends up underpowered in battle, and what is “overpowered” on paper is normal in battle.

        You can thank the Premium spam and the total lack of gold ammo rework for that. The increase in gold spam is what made some tanks need an armor buff, armor that is now decent against gold and OP against normal ammo. And new premiums that are better than sometimes higher tier tanks also ruin the balance : since they dont nerf premiul they have to buff everything else. And the cycle continues.

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        1. Except I can’t remember any significant mid tier buffs. When you take something like T29 or TigerI or IS, that were once pretty decent tanks, they can’t harm tier 8 premiums or VK100.01P at all unless they fire normal ammo at perfectly perpendicular side from close range. With gold ammo they have chance to pen tanks at less optimal angles or at greater distance. But in real situations tier 7 heavies can’t win fight against low hp superheavies or defender.
          This makes playing tier 7 and to some degree tier 6 painful experience and only viable tanks are tier 8 premiums (except old ones) and tiers 9 and 10. Because no one plays mid tiers, MM for tier 8 and below is nightmare.


    2. Also halve its power to weight ratio so its like prebuff T95. And make the armor behind tracks so weak that when it angles more than 30 degrees, tier 6s can pen it through tracks, and do full damage + track it. And then it has no advantages over VK 100 whatsoever.

      15 cm would make it very memeful and unique, though, even if it would be absolutely awful for the game.

      VK 100 is too strong, though, so there is that. I wish this had at least some unique, cool niche over it, tho


  5. This is a tank of the better times. When your armor mattered, the balance was real. When countering such a heavily armoured tank meant flanking, tactics, not double press 2.
    However… those times are long gone. Instead we have inappropriate clown camos and powercreep premiums.

    I’ll try to get a clowncamoless one regardless, it’s just so derpy!


  6. I’m sorry. But I must have it. it looks too cool. Also I’m of the minority that likes the camo on this one.
    I didn’t like defender or liberte camo tho.


  7. Frontal weakspots? Even tier 10 tanks have frontal weakspots except stupid type 5 and the new soviet TDs. This tanks is over armored for tier 8 to beginn with, yes it has a 150mm thick cupola but that is the ONLY weskpot frontaly for lower and same tiers. Also it hits for 440 alpha. Tanks need to have weakspots otherwise people will just load gold and pen them anyways, but they need to spend more cash doing so = bad game balance. In the old times of wot, all tanks had weakspots for lower tiers to pen, and if played right you could hide them and/or trade. Many skills that were relevant back on the days arn’t these days due to gold spam and power creep. If we look at all older tanks, they has several weakspots frontaly, even the most armored ones but sadly WG are removing weakspots and buffing armor so people use gold ammop instead.

    Having tanks that are immune to standard ammo is pay2win concept at its finest and that is bad for the game.


  8. This tank generaly has the same or better armor than the E-75 which was one of the best armored tanks on tier 9. Only differance is that this maus has a weaker lower plate (but smaller) and a thinner and larger cupola than the E75. But we compare it to a tier 9 tank…

    In reality it will not be so easy to hit that cupola in medium range or even in close range if he wiggles, also it is very tall so you can block lower tanks with the gun. Same as the amx 49, in practice it is not that easy to hit that cupola if the enemy driver is competent. Stop complaining, this tank is still unbalanced because it will meet tier 6 and 7, some of them can’t even pen it on the side with normal ammo and this shit hits for 440, that is tier 10 HT alpha….


  9. Lets say a T32 or a vk45a or a 110 meets this, they can’t pen the lower plate straight on, and if they aim upwards to the cupola the effective thickness will be almost the same as these tanks AP pen (add in some RNG) as well. During that time you aim on the cupola and probably bounce/miss a few times this VK will pen you every time with its 220mm pen and 440 alpha. You will not be able to trade with this in HTs on the same tier not having at least 220mm pen. Even if you would be in a tiger II with the excellent 105mm this shit VK will just pen your whole front without aiming and do 440 alpha, and it has the same or better DPM than the tiger II.

    Back in the days you were affraid of is3 and is6 due to troll armor and 390 alpha but these days is6 and is3 are nothing, their armor seems alot less troll compared to the new tanks and 390 alpha is “nothing” compared to 440. Most tanks can’t effectively battle tier 8 premiums these days let alone mediums.

    I don’t understand why they are pushing out more and more alpha guns. They should add more 320 dmg guns and make the gun stats more comfortable to use so people don’t need to use gold ammo to compensate for bad gun stats. Who the fuck is motivated to push a flank where there are vk100, defenders, etc? Only solution is to stay back or hull down and spam prem ammo, and that is not what wot should be about. It is silly to sit back and camp in a HT and spam gold just because you cant push same tier HTs because they are too strong.

    WOT with gold ammo and without gold ammo is totally different, it is like playing another game.


    1. “Lets say a T32 or a vk45a or a 110 meets this, they can’t pen the lower plate straight on, and if they aim upwards to the cupola the effective thickness will be almost the same as these tanks AP pen (add in some RNG) as well.”

      Actually they can, although maybe not when super closeby? Really depends on the distance and the tallness of your tank, but head-on it’s 130mm at 50 degrees which comes out to about 185mm vs AP shells and 205 vs HEAT.
      HOWEVER. The UFP has a big, rounded weakspot that’s 140mm and pennable even for tier 6 tanks.


  10. Guys, the Machine gun port on the hull is also a weakspot at about 150mm thick. Just shoot that if you cant see the LFP or cupola clearly.


  11. They will probably remove that machine gun port from the armor model and buff the lower plate and the cupola, before release. I mean they buffed the defender and chrysler armor on supertest several times before they got released…

    As I said, I see no reason for WG not to release an unbalanced tenk.


  12. C’mon, this tank is big, slow and has armor with weakspots for low tiers and, in anyway, useless against tier X. And these are the opponents that, in the current meta, it’s going to meet. So, even if I feel sorry for the low tier that it will rarely meet, this thing should be on the same level of the VK 100(P), not less.


  13. The issue ain’t that this tank has weakspots. The issue is that this tank is super slow, gun is mediocre and on top of that the armor is not that good.

    I mean, Defender has similar gun, is much faster, frontally the armor is a lot better + no turret weakspot.

    T95 (I know it’s a tier higher but hear me out) has tier-for-tier much better gun and armor and is probably as mobile.

    tl;dr this tank is trash untill substantial mobility/gun/armor buffs. This is WG so instead of doing the wise thing and buffing everything a little bit they’ll buff one of those massively (most likely armor).


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