M4A3E8 FURY – 19.99 € – Advent Calendar Day 4


With this day’s Advent offer you’ll treat yourself with the M4A3E8 Fury and the respective crew members that starred in the movie ‘Fury’, plus a some gold, missions that boost your XP income significantly, and Personal Reserves for your crew.


13 thoughts on “M4A3E8 FURY – 19.99 € – Advent Calendar Day 4

  1. No need to buy it when youre not a tank collector, the same vehicle is in the US Techtree as M4A3E8. And the Techtreeversion also makes a decent amount of credits due to its low ammunition costs. But its a nice tank, decent mobility, good rate of fire, good gunhandling and a decent armored turret. Flanking opponents is the way to play it and circling opponents works really well.


  2. this advent calendar is a joke, no vehicles that people actually want, but people will buy them, and WG will never change until people STOP buying the trash we are offered, stop buying until they release the vehicles we want to see…….

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    1. Andrew – you just come across as a whining little brat…plenty of folks are perfectly content with the Advent stuff, fair enough if it’s not for you but stop with the crusade and the mistaken belief that you are speaking for any part of the playerbase as tbh you’re just complaining that YOU didn’t get what YOU want…

      empty vessels make the most noise….keep on squealing son.

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  3. I don’t see anything special about these offers………maybe if they had bothered to throw in some special one time (AND I DO MEAN ONE TIME) emblem or camouflage to go with the tank so that every one who see it know you bought it during 2017 advent calendar special ……BUT HEY….that would involve some actual work……its way easier to throw some stuff in a bundle and put a X% off sticker on it(and pray that nobody actually calculate the prices to see if it is cheaper or not)

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  4. I don’t understand.

    If WG was selling Defender, Patriot, Skorpion you would cry that WG are cashgrabbing moneywhores that only care about profits. If they don’t sell them, you cry that WG doesn’t sell you the tanks you want.

    I definitely prefer them not selling tanks I mentioned.

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