WoWS Info – 5th November 2017

With the recent unification of the calendar in terms of events, missions, specials,… between NA, ASIA and EU (and RU as well it seems), there is some change in the weekly “flow” of stuff for us:

  • Weekend Specials now run from Friday morning until Monday morning (so Friday, Saturday, Sunday), instead of Saturday, Sunday, Monday we had in the past.
  • Weekly Missions now run from Thursday morning to Thursday morning, so they start on Thursday instead of Wednesday (EU missions always started on Wednesday in the past).

ST, new scenario “The Final Frontier”.

The frontline that is drawing nearer and constant air raids on the Rowen atoll threaten to disrupt the Japanese engineers’ and scientists’ project. To avoid a catastrophe, a transport air squad is sent to the location to evacuate the personnel and valuable documents. The warships are called in to provide a safe approach for the planes and allow for timely evacuation through the airfield.

Only available for the Tier VII ships.

ST, Italian battleship Roma, tier VIII.

Hit points – 65400
plating – 32 mm
belt – 375 mm
Main battery – 3×3 381 mm
Firing range – 18.1 km
HE damage – 5100
AP damage – 12000
Reload time 30 s.
180 degree turn time – 30 s.
maximum dispersion – 244 m.
HE initial velocity – 805 m/s.
AP initial velocity – 880 m/s.
Sigma count – 1.9.
Maximum speed – 30 kt.
Turning circle radius – 850 m.
rudder shift time – 15.6 s.
Surface detectability – 14.5 km
air detectability – 13.3 km
Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 13.7 km
Anti-torpedo defense damage reduction: 25%

Available consumables:
Slot 1 – Damage Control Party
Slot 2 – Repair Party
Slot 3 – Spotting Aircraft

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers.

ST,British battleship Duke of York, tier VII.

Hit points – 60500
plating – 25 mm
belt – 260 – 381 mm
Main battery – 1×2 356 mm, 2×4 356 mm
Firing range – 18.1 km
HE damage – 6100
AP damage – 10500
Reload time 30 s
180 degree turn time – 45 s
maximum dispersion – 242 m
HE initial velocity – 757 m/s
AP initial velocity – 757 m/s
Sigma count – 1.8
Maximum speed – 28 kt
Turning circle radius – 790 m
rudder shift time – 15 s
Surface detectability – 14.1 km
air detectability – 12.5 km
Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 12.6 km
Anti-torpedo defense damage reduction – 22%

Available consumables:
Slot 1 – Damage Control Party
Slot 2 – Defensive AA Fire

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers.

USS Salem:

HP / 49700
Armor / 25 – 152mm
Main gun / 3×3
Caliber / 203mm
Firing range / 15.8
HE damage / 2800
AP damage / 5000
Reload / 5.5
Turret transverse /180′ 30s
Shell dispersion / 142m
HE speed / 823mps
AP speed / 762mps
Sigma / 2.05
Max speed / 33knts
Turning radius / 770m
Rudder shift / 8.6s
Torp bulge / 7%
Consumables: 1. Damage control party
3 Radar
4 Repair party



Info from Let’s Battle Tour: USN light cruisers will get hydro and defensive fire but no smoke. Tier 9/10 get all that AND radar.

Clarification from Sub_Octavian: „Guys, just to clarify: the current WIP plan is regular cruiser loadout but HAS and Def AA in different slots, and for T9-10, we plan DCP, Heal, HAS, AA and Radar – in different slots. ”

Carrier rebalancing:

Changes in flight control for the USN aircraft carriers.

All the USN aircraft carriers will switch to a single flight control. This will increase the line’s versatility, while keeping each ship’s unique traits. Moreover, there is now a choice of AP bombs for Lexington (tier VIII), Essex (tier IX) and Midway (tier X), allowing for even more tactical variation.

ST, Damage Control Party consumable chance of catching fires for carriers.

Increased active time of the Damage Control Party consumable for all the carriers in the game from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Chance of catching a fire from HE shells is now equal to tier VI base carrier hulls.
This will lower the need for carrier commanders to hunt down other carriers. Moreover, increased active time of the consumable will allow to get a few squadrons airborne even under a rain of HE shells. However, there is a bigger chance to catch a fire even from smaller caliber guns on higher tiers, while the consumable is not active.


27 thoughts on “WoWS Info – 5th November 2017

      1. Says in the slide that it will be 2-2-2, not sure where you saw 2-1-3.

        Anyway, no more AS_bogue_is_ass_cancer memes, and Ranger will remain the ugly duckling of the line, +1 dive bomber squadron on stock deck but no AP bombs and not enough fighters to counter any of the other Tier 7 carriers.

        That Lyon though, this is probably the first time I’m calling a ship ‘cute’, it’s so small!


  1. Oh god those carrier changes for the US look god damn glorious! ANy idea when they are coming though?

    And the US cruiser line split is finally coming from the looks of it. So long as I get to keep my Cleveland, though, I will be pleased.


    1. yeah, it’s coming, and yet I have no idea as to why they did not use all the BUILT classes for both roles instead of looking for alternative designs, I mean, as it stands the US TT COULD make 1 additional line for both roles by adding a few of the alternative/preliminary designs for the remaining classes (5 CL and 4 CA), while leaving room for dozens of premiums from those very own classes


  2. I know its still in testing so theres a reason why the description is incomplete, but the Final Frontier mission, are the players playing FOR the japanese or AGAINST the japanese? is confuse D:


  3. Midway 2TB is a joke right ? I don’t think that 2×7 torps, manual drop and US tight grouping can be balanced anyway. That strike is an instant deletion to any ship.


    1. 2×6 since torp bombers don’t benefit from Air Supremacy captain skill. But your point is valid. Skillway from the Alpha Test era makes its dramatic return.


  4. New Italian battleship gets better AP damage than the German 38cm by about 400 and better he on top of that. The AP value should be swapped with the German 38cm to keep the Germans in usual specialty of highest AP damage for caliber.


      1. Doesn’t seem right, given the wonky German dispersion, useless HE, and high vulnerability to AP damage. I hope the German battlecruiser line will not be hit with big nerf based on the German battleship line.


        1. HE is similar to other nations HE (except British HE) trading damage for fire chance, all BB are vulnerable to AP except that German almost cannot be citadeled, long range AA is already buffed and their long range AA guns have one of highest AA DPS per gun even if they weren’t that potent IRL.

          only dispersion is problem, but then you have 10km secondaries.


        2. What are you talking about? German HE is insane. It has 25% HE Pen vs 16% of the US and Japanese. The 381mm at T6 has 90mm HE pen lol.
          Also the Germans have by far the best point defense in the game. They murder any ship in the game if they get within 10km because they have hydro, amazing secondaries that burn anything they see and at 10km they cannot be citadel`d…What more could you ask for?
          Also, its AP velocity makes the other BBS in game pale. They are lasers. and because of this there sigma matters much less as the shell will almost never go long because they fly at low levels. So where US ships get 1.9 sigma instead of 1.8 they also have massive rainbow arcs that are inferior vs other BBs and they constantly overshoot or undershoot as you are aiming with a arc.


      1. WW1 quality AP shells can still wreck flimsy cruiser ctiadels and deal penetration damage to superstructures. Which is probably going to be a better choice, since the HE shells will be weak too.

        As far as penetrating the citadels of BBs on the other hand…if I’m remembering the penetration tables for the 340mm gun correctly, Lyon won’t even be able to penetrate her own 300mm belt until she gets to about 9km. The 343mm citadel armor of Colorado? Forget about it at any distance.


        1. French:
          340 mm/45 (13.4″) Model 1912, APC M1924 3: 1,268 lbs. (575 kg), APC M1924: 2,559 fps (780 mps)
          13.5″/45 (34.3 cm) Mark V, APC Mark IIa – 1,266.5 lbs. (574.5 kg), APC (Light): 2,582 fps (787 mps)

          Also pic says 1944 so you can assume modernized guns and shells, same what happened to the secondaries which are certainly not WW I style.


        2. I dont know where you got those numbers, but they are very very moderate, to say the least.

          But especially in this game where ships basically never benefit from hitting deck shots unlike real life, flat firing shells are king in this game. Moskva, 305mm from both the Germans at T5 and the Ruski T5 BB are both insane when in RL they were nothing special.Moskva has more pen than the 283mm Sharn in this game.

          Ruskis are obsessed with heavy armor and just like WOT they have become the dominant class by far. So this meta develops where any BB in game can easily pen Cruisers, and since deck shots mean nothing unless you overmatch the armor shooting the upper belt/ lower superstructure is the key.

          Most people dont realize how badly UK AP now wrecks German Armor by aiming at the superstructure. And those are only 356 to 381mm and they do an easy 12-15k per broadside because the German superstructure is enough to fuse the shells.

          Also, keep in mind these French ships at T8 have 25km range…LOL


  5. Basically, the entire world was using the “WW1” gunnery philosophy except for the US until 1943. At that point, the US was so many light years ahead of everyone it was game over.
    Our 16 inch gun had 2-3% less raw pen than a perfectly fused 18 inch shell, but they were 40% more reliable fuse wise and the actual shell [Metal and Shape] was so much better it was night and day.

    So it ended up a 16 inch was about neck and neck with a 18 inch shell, and thats not even counting the fact the Japanese could only shoot at what they could see at LOS unless they wanted to rely on spotting planes.

    Anyways, aiming for the deck is such a better tactic, its not even funny. Besides the fact almost no ship until 1943 was heavily decked armored, you also got much better fire chance, much more of a square hit for the fuse to go off cleanly and you are able to lob much larger shells that can be fired at much more dependable results. If the ship lists by 1 inch in the water and it kicks up a flat firing shell, that shill will miss by a mile, especially since firing at a broadside ship was very hard to hit. A Arc shell could strafe a ship lengthwise and bracket them instantly and repeat it over and over and you dont have to be in visual range. You basically yare calling in Arty strikes.

    To bad this game only rewards Shell weight x Velocity x Krupp modifier, and its made by Ruskis who still thought it was WW1 in the 1970s.


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