Soviet TD Branch Rework Proposal

Made by DeadArashi, our dear TAP reader.

So as people are probably aware by now WG are planning on changing and, rather frankly, screwed up the Obj 263 line. Personally I’m against the change as it removes a rather unique TD from tier 10. So I’ve been digging around trying to find anything and everything I can to put onto the line and I think I have the perfect solution now.

Obj 263 line

The “Obj 261” being at tier 8 will confuse people so I’ll do a quick history lesson on the 261 to clarify a mixup by WG (this info is also readily available on the Wiki)

The Obj 261 consisting of 3 designs on the Obj 260 (IS-7) chassis. These are:

  • Obj 261-1: an enclosed forward fighting compartment. It was to be armed with a 152mm M-31 with a muzzle velocity of 880m/s. It was later re-designated Obj 261.
  • Obj 261-2: a semi-enclosed rear fighting compartment. It was to be armed with a 152mm M48 with a muzzle velocity of 1,000m/s. It was later re-designated Obj 262.
  • Obj 261-3: a semi-enclosed rear fighting compartment. It was to be armed with a 180mm MU-1 with a muzzle velocity of 920m/s

And that’s the story behind the Obj 261 and also answers what the Obj 262 is. In short they will be visually similar to and play like the current tier 10 Obj 263. There really isn’t a whole lot of information on them other then a rough estimation on possible armor thickness of 150-215mm of frontal armor.

Impression of the Obj 261-1

While the Obj 261-1’s fighting compartment might be forward, it would still embody the same armored sniper with DPM that the other tanks would have. The reason for this over the SU-122-54 is because of armor.

I would use the 130mm S-70 on the Obj 262 to build up into the Obj 263. It’s unhistorical but the S-70 was built into the S-70A so it’s a logical progression choice.

This will also require the current Obj 261 artillery to be renamed either to Obj 261-3 or Obj 264.

You can read an article by me covering the Obj 261 series and 263: http://forum.worldof…iet-heavy-spgs/

Obj 268 Version 2 & 4

Now, the Obj 268 Versions, as you can see we have the Version 2 and 4 as tier 9 and 10 and there’s a plethora of historical information from armor, to engines and guns.

Obj 268 Version 2

Hull length: 6,675mm

Crew Size: 4

Casement front: 180mm

Casement bevels: 150mm @ 45deg = 212mm effective

Sides: 90mm

UFP: 75mm @ 75deg = 290mm effective

Mid Frontal Plate = 180mm @ 30 deg = 208mm effective

LFP: ? @65 deg = ?

Weight: 50t or less

Object 268 Version 4

Hull Length: 6,900mm

Crew Size: 5

Casement front: 180mm

Casement Bevels: 160mm @ 70deg = 468mm effective from the front, or @ 20deg = 170mm effective from the side

Sides: 90mm

UFP: 75mm @ 75deg = 290mm effective

Mid Frontal Plate = 180mm @ 30 deg = 208mm effective

LFP: 160mm @ 65deg = 378mm effective 
Weight: 50t or less

Historically the engine should be the V-12-6, a 750 hp engine that would later be fitted in the T-10M. Because of this I’m going to propose the 12-5 and 12-6 to be used on the Obj 268 Ver 2 and the V-12-7 (1,000hp) to be used on the Obj 268 Ver 4.

With the 1,000hp engine and a weight of 50t or less gives it a minimum power to weight of 20hp/t. Basically what WG are giving it now. They can thicken the armor but I would put it at 200-220mm at most for the Obj 268 Ver 4. For the Obj 268 Ver 2 I would leave the armor historical.


Tier 8: Obj 261

Guns: The guns I’ve suggested above are unhistorical with the exception of the 152mm M31. The M31 was designed to have the same ballistic properties as the 152mm Br-2 (in-game on the tier 7, 8 and 9 USSR arty) giving it a muzzle velocity of only 500 m/s in-game.

Radio: This one is an unknown so I’m just giving it the basic ones from the existing tanks
Engine: The B-16 was an engine originally planned for the Obj 260 (IS-7) that was to produce 1,200hp. Development failed so this gives WG some room to fudge some stats here.

Tier 8: Obj 268 Ver 2

Guns: The 152mm M48 was designed similarly to the M31, however it far exceeded it with a muzzle velocity of 1,000 m/s. 

Engine: Being based on the Obj 270 (T-10) chassis it was to get the same engine, this would be either the V-12-5 (700hp) or V-12-6 (750hp)

Tier 9: Obj 262

Guns: Once again, the guns are unhistorical except for the 152mm M48. The 130mm S-70 however builds into the 130mm S-70A historically so it’s a logical choice and keeps the line in-check.
Radio: As above
Engine: The TD-30 was again an engine planned for the Obj 260. It was a modified ACh-30 aircraft engine.

Tier 9: Obj 268 Ver 4

Gun: The stock gun would be  152mm M53, or possibly even the M48. The top gun, the 152mm M53C (as known by WG), was an unnamed project for a self-propelled gun on the basis of the M53 and mixed parts of the 122mm M-62. Its muzzle velocity was estimated to be 760m/s. The gun length, from center of the casement to tip of the muzzle brake, was 5,425mm.

Radio: Using the Obj 268 radio here.

Engine: While not historically planned for this vehicle, it would be a fitting addition to the top tank. The V-12-7 produced 1,000hp.