Personal Missions Compensation Update

Source: Kandly

Hello, everyone!

I have an update for you. Even though the micropatch has been released and the Personal missions were turned on, please note that we’re still facing some issues, namely:

1. Extra crew and extra used Orders.
2. Players who have completed a mission suddenly found the primary condition incomplete, but secondary condition complete. Option allows for the condition to be completed with Orders but the button remains unclickable despite having enough Orders.
3. Problems with using Camo and Badges.

We’re currently investigating these remaining issues and trying to fix them asap! We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and we appreciate your patience. :)

Compensation will be handled after deploying a fix.


22 thoughts on “Personal Missions Compensation Update

  1. Been playing for 5 & 1/2 years now. The ability to ‘fuck it up’ has really ramped up the last 12 months. You are now fucking up the remedy to the fuck ups which is most impressive. Why can’t you just try testing some patches properly? It really is just getting pathetic and irritating. Do yourself a favour WG and start implementing patches properly? Its getting boring.

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    1. Agreed, as a closed beta player I can confirm and completely agree that WG is really start to shoot themselves in the foot with all the issues, all the bug (features), all the piss poor balancing, all the terrible “we’re making this so this tank class goes here” map designs.

      It is well within sanity to say “WG is purposefully trying to kill WoT.”


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