Extra Kharkov Rework Video


13 thoughts on “Extra Kharkov Rework Video

  1. too much city removed which was not bad as a city map, and the fields are too flatten without even bushes. Strictly for active scout spotting and extreme sniper-TDs and arty joyce. Everything will happen in a corner of the map, looks like a snow Siegfried now, with the city part even more removed. Guess how joyful is the game play at the open part of Siegfried…


    1. Idiot WG with bunch of dead space maps… and they wonder why people are quitting. Constantly pandering to 10% of arty players instead of 90% of tank players…


    1. Agreed. More of WG’s terrible map design, designating specific areas of the map for specific tank classes. HTs and TDs get the safety of the city buildings, MTs and LTs are supposed to go to the open areas and keep moving so as to keep SPGs from getting too much damage.

      All in the name of “balance” apparently.


  2. The inner circle was only open to the Northern cap? The best parts of the city were removed, the middle bits. Now it’s completely corridor-ed.


  3. So bascially they took the only singular map in the game that was good at promoting flanking and remove 70% of the buildings, so you can’t flank anyone because giant, open corridors with no cover? IOW sit on your ass, do nothing and get farmed by skycancer. Neat, I’m sure all the tomatoes must be rejoicing their stupidity has prevailed over reason.


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