WoWS EU Q&A with LordofDroid, Kandly, Ph3lan, Tuccy, Conway

Compiled by MrFingersEU

How is the Halloween mode being received according to you?
The first version (low-tier) was well received. The new gamemode with the T8’s is being very well received as well, the matchmaker is very well fed, and it is giving everybody a chance to play a T8 carrier.

The Halloween-mode is also used as test mode for features that can be used in the regular game. The “Filth” might come to the game as “local weather” for specific parts of the map, as opposed to the map-wide Cyclone. Also the consumables that affect teammates are also being investigated (both with perks for the friendly team, and downsides for the enemies).

Isn’t the Halloween gamemode too hard?
It’s designed to be (very) hard to get 5 stars in this gamemode.

Preliminary EU stats regarding clan wars
There are currently 1000 clans with in total 15000 players who have participated in CvC (more than 1 battle played). Most popular rental ship currently is Zao (15%) followed by GK (less than 15%) and then the Shimakaze (9%). Excluding the rentals: Montana & Conqueror (more 25%), followed by Des Moines (21%), Gearing (13%), Henry IV (3%). There were also numbers on Moskva, Hindenburg, but stream was cutting out.

The CV rework, the elephant in the room
It’s a very painful topic. A reason why carriers are not the most widely played class is because they’re not working as intended, they are broken, and devs are all too aware of that. It was, in hindsight, a mistake to say it was going to be fixed in 2017. There is a roadmap for it though, and they are working behind the scenes at fixing it, but the problem is that fixing it requires ripping out the entire AA- and spotting mechanics. Maybe it will be coming in 2018. But it has to be done. Also a reason that they are not in CvC, to play it safe for the first iteration. Maybe they will be included in future seasons.

What about the used timeslots for CvC, and the feedback regarding that
For the “primetime”, they are collecting data and feedback (from forums and players), and will use that for future seasons.

What about upcoming ships and stuff?
SS Kidd is being tested and regarded as “good enough”, so it’s deemed ready for release. Huang He (T6 Pan-Asian cruiser) will still need to looked at. They are close to finish testing the GZ, and will tweak according to testing. No info given on other ships yet. No info about Italian techtree, or French BB’s, but the latter are in the workings (this was known).

Excessive BB-AP damage on DD’s, what’s being done about that?
They are aware of it, and reworks are being tested internally, It however requires a major change because of the ballistics-mechanic. It will be in testing soon in the future.

Will there be improvements on reports & karma?
They are aware they need to do a better job for Karma & reports, but it’s on the backlog.

Why is Sub Octavian more active than WG-EU staff?
Sub is very good in his job, he is very passionate and his posts stand out because he often addresses high-profile issues… But there are a lot of EU-staff posts, but they often go unnoticed. It is what it is, but they are committed to change that, and they have addressed on Reddit that they are aware that they are not that active, and will increase activity in the near future.

Are there any improvements for chat scheduled?
It’s a very split topic: there is a lot of value to chat, but also a lot toxicity coming from it, so it’s a fine balancing act to improve it.

Mods/API, will they be supported?
They are working on consolidating the plan, and will come out with stuff sometime soon. It was dropped in the past, but it will be revamped not too far away.

Steam: why not merging with existing WG accounts?
WoWS was never designed as a cross-platform game, and it was never designed to be integrated, sync progress, … Given the timeframe they were confronted with, separation was the only option. It’s standalone because it binds with Steam, and everything is handled by Steam. Steam-players won’t use the Player center, nor have updates via the launcher,…

Where is the promised poll regarding CvC primetime on the forums?
It will come very soon, no worries.

When will the Khabarovsk get some buffs?
But we’ve just nerfed it? Khabarovsk is doing just fine, and doesn’t require any attention right now.

Why does the 10% clan bonus not stack with specials
I’m not sure… I’ll have to ask Tuccy about that. Tuccy says they are additive, not multiplicative (except Premium), so the Clan-bonus does not make you 10% more competitive.

How do you play the T8 Halloween mode? Any tips?
For BB’s, its all about brawling and close-range fighting, so get into the filth (yes Ph3lan, you can enter the filth!), consumables will make it so you won’t die, use them sacrificial when needed.

CV manual drop in filth is too hard, reticle is hardly visible

Why has been decided that Clanwars are T10, and not T7/8
T10 is IMHO the place to be, and we want to give an incentive for players to give them a taste of T10 gameplay with the rentals. They’re being dropped in T10 with their clan, thus new T10 players with their rentals can be educated by more experienced members of their clan, thus benefiting everyone in the end. Nobody got excluded except dedicated CV players. They don’t like that, but it would require too much of a game rebalance in such a short notice to include CV’s.

BB overpopulation
We’re aware of that.

Will the Matchmaker be taking into account XP earned?
The latest version of the matchmaker works fine as it currently is. At some point the effort required to make it “perfect” is too much compared to the benefits that it yields.

Will cruiser secondaries be buffed to harass DD’s more successfully?
That’s not needed, as the main armament is fine enough to nuke DD’s already, especially if they’re close enough for the secondaries to go off.

Hungarian Navy, Best Navy, when?
laughter, but no answer given.

Any buffs for the Prinz Eugen scheduled?
I don’t know, as buffing/nerfing is done via the analysis of the statistics of the ships, so the statistics for Eugen are very likely not too bad, and not too different from Hipper. German Cruisers have been buffed as a whole recently though, so it should be good.

What will be the final reward for “ranking out” in Clan wars?”
You’ll get 1/3 of a flag, after 3 parts you get the Stalingrad Cruiser. No additional rewards planned outside of those already mentioned on the portal.

British smoke buff, also for Belfast?
Ask Tuccy! Tuccy says they don’t know, and has to check.

What will the Musashi cost?
There are numbers floating around, but those are rumors, and are no final figures. It will be expensive, but you can extrapolate the price using known ships (not mentioned if it’s Free XP or doubloons or money or…)

Will there be twitch integration, for instance containers that drop for viewers when the streamer gets an achievement?”
They are working on something for cross-platform integration, but nothing concrete as of yet.

Will the special Special skins also available outside of containers/giveaways?
Maybe in the future, maybe not. For now they’re container exclusive. They won’t share any info regarding this for now.

How many Kutuzovs/Belfasts were not given back after the smoke-fire rework?
We don’t disclose those numbers, we don’t know it from the top of our head either.

Will there be more Scenarios in the future?
They take some time to create, tune & balance them, but they are popular, so there is potential. There will be more scenarios, and rebalancing of current scenarios. Dunkirk might get rebalanced to get it to work for other ships, as it is currently too easy for T5-T6 ships.

Will there be a more historical (hardcore) game mode?
Historical as in no torpedo reload, no flooding repair,… No, that won’t come.
Historical in true-historical: it would require slashing down on ships, the battles will need to last way longer, the ships will move slower, the ships will have to shrink and accuracy will have to be greatly decreased.
“Historical” will likely be restricted to PvE since that allows for “odd-stacking”. Battles were often lobsided, with uneven orders of battle. Balanced historical battles were rare, so that’s where PvE comes in, since PvE doesn’t need to be balanced, where PvP does.

How does splash/module damage work
The size of splash is dependent on the amount of explosives in the shell, the more explosive filler, the bigger the splash. It is nation-flavored though, some nations have a bigger splash for the same filler than other nations. The splash radius is uniform, which means that the damage does not drop off the further you go from the impact point, and there is no need to be a direct line of sight between an area and the point of impact. The entire splash zone gets obliterated.
For modules: it has its own HP pool. The bigger the module, the higher its HP pool. A BB gun has more HP than an AA gun, so one volley that can take out multiple AA guns might not be enough to take out a BB gun. Armour has an impact, most noticeable on AA mounts. Open mounts are easier to take out than half-enclosed, and way easier than fully enclosed mounts. Tough armor has a 100% splash protection. You can’t blow up BBs anymore with a 5” HE shell, so no Yamato detonation with a US DD shell by proximity-exploding as was the case in CBT.


7 thoughts on “WoWS EU Q&A with LordofDroid, Kandly, Ph3lan, Tuccy, Conway

  1. Are there any improvements for chat scheduled?
    It’s a very split topic: there is a lot of value to chat, but also a lot toxicity coming from it, so it’s a fine balancing act to improve it.

    ^ I don’t see where the difficulty is. Removing cross-team chat would be a good start (inb4 CCs complaining they ‘won’t get complimented’ if cross-team is disabled).


    1. That would make me sad. I hardly ever see bad chatting in WOWS. same in WOT. I was horridly sad they removed it in WOT. makes me feel like I’m fighting soundless faceless people.

      I gotta say that the Local weather idea sounds FANTASTIC.


      1. “makes me feel like I’m fighting soundless faceless people.”

        I disagree, but then again I never fully understood the social aspects of these games, so I’m biased on this.

        However, toxic comments, insult, threats, and random acts of idiocy such as getting fragged and then revealing the team’s positions to the enemy are what led to cross-team being disabled in WoT. I have not seen stuff this bad in WoWs so far, but borrowing a friend’s idea WG could at least let us toggle cross-team/own team chat from the settings (AW had this option from the start). It’s one thing to communicate and hopefully coordinate with teammates, it’s another to get trolled by smug bastards (and smug players are not that uncommon in WoWs).


  2. Q:Will there be a more historical (hardcore) game mode?
    A:Historical as in no torpedo reload, no flooding repair,… No, that won’t come.

    This right here is the shit we have to deal with in this game. The people who are making it are actually stupid and clueless.

    Flooding could be stopped,
    Fire could be extinguished,
    Mechanical damage could be repaired,
    Torpedoes could be reloaded ass well but the total ammunition was limited.

    Especially for DDs a realistic (hardcore) mode would be easy to implement. They would be extremely hard to hit and would be so much faster than any other ship that torping would have been extremely effective.
    Needless to say that in such a mode their guns would be very useful as well. Real DD guns were no joke, they could cause quite a bit of damage.

    God damn morons haven’t even done a basic research on naval warfare. This is why the game is going from bad to worst and will probably never get any better.


  3. in some cases they are right.
    Flooding could be stopped, but you would still suffer performance loss

    Mechanical damage could be repaired, but just could be and that minor or moderate damage and often you still wouldn’t get performance back and definitely no repair of heavy damage. turret got penetrated by enemy shell? goodbye

    there are destroyers with couldn’t reload torpedoes (Somers class for example)

    and that part isn’t best…
    while DD would be hard to hit enemy would also gain ability to use secondaries at range.
    much faster than other ships? maybe to WW1 cruisers and battleships, against later ships that get around 28-30+ kts you are at best ~40% speed faster with already fast DD (at 40-43kts) on slower ones difference will be much lower.

    “torping would have been extremely effective” torpedoing never was extremely effective and Japanese in with torpedoes played role in they final battle doctrine (reason why most of Japan ships have torpedoes) heavily slipped on that.

    in game torpedoes are already faster by around 15-20kts

    Fletcher mark 16 mod 1 torpedoes
    In game 10.5km 66kts
    IRL 10.5km 46kts

    Gearing mark 17
    in game 16.5km 66kts
    IRL 16.5km 46kts

    in game: 8km 76kts
    IRL 8km 60kts

    Type93 mod. 3
    in game 12km 67kts
    IRL: settings
    30,000 m 36-38 knots
    25,000 m 40-42 knots
    15,000 m 48-50 knots

    in game 20km 62kts
    IRL: settings
    40,000 m 36-38 knots
    32,000 m 40-42 knots
    20,000 m 48-50 knots

    hell even slowest destroyer torpedoes in game: Sims Mk8 mod. 2B
    in game 9.15km 49kts
    IRL 9.15km 27kts


  4. When you are killed by a shit aimbot using cheater, you should at least get to insult the bastard.
    Not to mention this is a war simulator, World of WARships, and insults, disinformation are aspects of war.


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