Sneak Peek: November Specials (EU)

Now that we’ve all survived Halloween, and Christmas isn’t too far away, we’re slowly starting to get into the festive mood. Have a look at the specials for this month, and grab all the offers, bonuses, and goodies you can!

Head back to the portal throughout the month so you don’t miss out on the specials we’ve prepared for you!

1–30 November: The Top of the Tree specials highlight top-tier tanks, and provide nice discounts and bonuses on their branches for the entire month. This month, the floor goes to the AMX 13 105, the Tier X French light tank. With the latest update it saw improvements to its damage output, so here is your chance!

4–7 November: Treat your crew members well, and they’ll loyally serve you for many battles to come. The more experience they get, the better your vehicle will perform. Use this special to transform your rookies into veterans in no time! (x2 crew xp)

11–14 November: Because of this day of honour, the discounts are especially great this weekend. Stock up on machinery and blaze through the tech trees and become a World of Tanks veteran yourself! (x5 for first victory)

18–21 November: Remember the XP Fever form last month? It’s back, but comes with a neat surprise this time! (x3 xp)

24–28 November: Black Friday is here, and you know what that means, Commanders… Discounts and bonuses en masse! Check back on the portal to not miss the huge range of offers during those days!


11 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: November Specials (EU)

  1. Oh, XP-Fever again. An event that just aim for more revenue diue to the fact that you collect XP by playing premium tanks whcih can be converted into Free-XP by a lowered gold price.

    I know wqht the black friday means. T 34 B, IS-6B and Schwarzpanzer on sale in the premium shop. Hurray. Thanks WG.


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