Supertest: Kharkhov & Province Rework

Kharkhov (size increased from 800 x 800 m to 850 x 850 m):



21 thoughts on “Supertest: Kharkhov & Province Rework

      1. Kharkov is literally the citymap that allows for the most flanking maneuvers. I don’t understand why it gets so much hate. Take a look at Paris for example, Paris is just so much worse.


        1. On paper, sure it has like 6 corridors instead of 3.

          Sadly, the corridors are curved which means you don’t even see from one end to another. It also has no meta after being in the game for 3+ years.

          You cannot tell what’s going to happen on the map based on tank lineups, you can’t predict anything.

          You try to play aggressively in one of the corridors, you might win a flank and win the game. Or you might find 8 enemy tanks (that you can’t spot until you engage on close range, because of the curving) and die.

          So next time you play passively. And your team lemmings one corridor and wins the game and you don’t get to do anything. You try passively once again. You get rushed by 9 enemy tanks that decided to yolo the corridor you chose to play passively in.

          Map’s completely unpredictable, any play you choose to make is a dice roll at best. I mean, best strat on that map is to join the biggest lemming train in your team and hope enemies didn’t play as aggressively as you.

          Also, while this doesn’t make or break the map, on maps with lots of options of where to go, you have to have some interplay between them. Himmelsdorf is a great example – you can shoot almost from anywhere to anywhere. Kharkov, you have to push completely through to get any shots.

          And yes, there is certain amount of unpredictability in any map, however in most you roughly know which tank class plays where and can adjust your play accordingly. Kharkov, no fucking clue.

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          1. Himmelsdorf is not a good map either to be fair, only high tier MTs or tanks with monster armor has an advantage. For lower tiers they cant do a shit because they are too slow to get up the hill or dont have enough armor to push/support the sniping banana corridor. The other saide whrere the rail is, good luck pushing either side because there are always sniper at both ends.

            Now phrokorovka, that is a big corridor not viable for most ranks other than higher tier MTs and high tier fast HTs and TDs. You cant get consistent games on that map and mostly it is a campfest, a long fucking boring campfest.


            1. It is sad that WG balance maps just to suit high tier MTs and high tier mobile HTs, that in addition staying hull down/sniping with gold ammo. This is what most people are doing that is why games are fucked up. Sniping is bullshit and encourages to camping. If no side is moving then there is going to be camping of course. There alreaddy is too much camping in wot.


  1. hang on!
    there turning this shit City Map into a map where its not ALL about dumb Heavy tanks, just think I mean think! you actually need to think now in Kharkov ~ not brawl in a OP Heavy tank to farm easy kills, lol!
    and .. you can now defend both bases, to think a City map where all classes now can have some fun, whatever next – thinking and looking at the mini-map next? (nah never happen


    1. How much thinking does it require to stay behind a bush and spamming gold on tanks trying to push a flank/field? games are static on wot, much due to bad map design and having a open killing field is the worst idea you can. There must be a balance between urban enviornment and terrain like on steppes. Open maps must have roads where tanks can engage and flank. If you are a lower tier not shooting gold you are relying on comming close to the enemy and shoot the sides and rear, a fucking t44 wont be able to pen tier 9 and 10 HTs on the side by sniping from a bush, unless he load full gold. Open killfield maps just fuck lower tiers even more, that is lower tiers not using gold ammo.

      I have the vk45a for example, and realisticly, in order to pen tier 9 and 10 HTs on the side, well even som tier 8 HTs I need to get very close and it wont happen on most maps because you get sniped untill you reach the flanking spot, how fun is that?


  2. I love all these idiots praising that they are turning another dense map into a fucking open fielded dead zone…. ohh goddie, we get to camp for an hour before anyone makes a move… smart.. really smart… that is why this game is dying… KUS OF THESE SHIT OPEN MAPS


  3. what a joke….open maps are not good to be honest because it doesnt encourage moving. Open maps are only good for mobile tanks with armopr (pretty much all new high tier HTs and high tier MTs). Kharkov is one of the best flakning maps there is, corridors where you can outplay your enemies, not just snipe bush and press 2. Open maps with arty and TDs are a joke to be fair, you cant do a shit on open maps except snipe and press 2, because you cant get to enemies sides and rears close enough.


    1. Say what?
      Try outplay your enemy,driving any soft tank,light,support medium,arty,fast-but-soft heavys,and generally tanks which relly on vision control and distance (guess what,there are such tanks,maaany many of them in this game….),in a fckn corridor nightmare,where one battle you peak a corner and nothing is behind it,and next battle you peak the same corner and get shot by 8 guns,or where you try to flank in your CDC(-like) tank,only to run into the base camping TD,faping near his base and shutting you down.Yeah,sounds like fun……

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      1. But i guess,giving players the option to flank and get easy side-shots (with standard ammo) isnt acceptable….naaaah,we need to bang our heads at eachother at 50m range,and push “2” for some extra skill….


  4. that’s why developers shall not listen the community, they turned a city map, not perfect but not so horrible as the wn8 statpadders claim. into flat place for TDs and artys to have fun.

    “You cannot tell what’s going to happen on the map based on tank lineups, you can’t predict anything.” and people say this is bad for map, then when they change it to be a predictable, they say oh another boring map…


  5. Kharkov is interesting. However, they should just open the lower right corner and adds some scattered buildings behind each cap. That way, heavies that have won have some cover to sneak when they want to switch into the open area flank. Defenders also have the option to use hard cover instead of relying on invisible snipers only.


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