WoT Console – Heavy Metal Heroes


5 thoughts on “WoT Console – Heavy Metal Heroes

  1. ISU130 need serious penetration buff now. 215/189mm penetration on slow TD vs tier 9 and 10 now is ridiculous, even some tier 8 HT can easily blocked shot from ISU130 like defender or patriot


  2. I wonder what nation that super sherman is going to belong to. Will it be France or America? Also GOD FUCKING DAMMIT WG GIVE THESE TANKS TO PC!


    1. The M51 will be a French med, just like the Sherman Ravioli. In fact, they’re almost the same tank, except for some really minor differences. And we already have the ISU-130 in the PC version (even if it’s only a reward tank for mods).

      The only one we don’t have yet is the upgunned Bert, and they didn’t say anything about it being exclusive, IIRC.


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