WoT Console – Update 6.0 UI Problems

Players dislike the new UI for not being intuitive and the fact that artillery was buffed too much. WG Staff do not want to revert the update:

Quoting MyLateDroid102:

„I’ve lost all my crews that had more than 10 Perks, what’s the point of having tanks that have accelerated crew training for only to be limited by the amount of perks put into the game. Now I’ve only get to pick 10 Perks per commander. Gold is currently being used (unless you pick silver) for consumables and Ammo, The tech tree, good God the tech trees…

HUD makes it near impossible to know where enemies are due to them now having an awful spotting system, Snow Maps makes it near impossible to see where things are (White Outline. Really guys?).

This game is Armored Warfare 2.0, the only difference is that this game currently has a player base (Remember how quickly that game died).

I’m going to do my best to see if I can get a full refund on everything I’ve bought, either that or I’ll never touch this game, up until they fix this update.

I know being negative is frowned upon but unless WE (the player base) do something about this it’ll only continue.”

Quoting Tomatopaste43:

„[…]Taking away critical info in battle is treason at the highest level. I can’t see what I’m fighting before I engage I can’t see how good of a match I’m having and I can’t see what tank I just sniped in the heat of battle I can adapt but not if you gutt the core experience of this game.”

Quoting Maniac_xo:

”[…]Given the reaction from the community, I find it hard to believe a significant portion of the devs testing the update didn’t also have the same concerns. This meaning that 1. Their dissenting thoughts were squashed by leadership 2. They were afraid to speak out about it or 3 the entire team is just that out of touch. Number 3 seems like the least likely which to me says the leadership needs to pack up and go.”

Quoting man0rmachine:

[…]Then this update hit and I can’t be bothered to respec my dozens of crews, let alone play every day. When I do play, everything feels weird, like I’m wearing oven mitts and squinting through a narrow slit.[…]

See this video too: