WoT Console: World War II Co-Op Mode

Multiplayer battles are at the heart of World of Tanks Modern Armor. Now, it’s time for you and your fellow tankers to join forces against a common enemy.

With the launch of the April 19th update, you’ll have the choice of experiencing the World War II game mode in two ways:

  • The 15v15 PvP gameplay that you know and love
  • New 15v15 human versus AI Co-op gameplay

World War II Co-Op Mode places you on a team with up to fourteen other human players. You’ll be pitted against a team of fifteen savage AI players that have been programmed to achieve one goal: victory at all costs.

  • If there are not enough humans, your team will be supplemented with bots to fill the roster.

WoT Console: World War II vehicles have been updated to use multiple weapon systems

The following vehicles will now be able to use their additional weapons during battle! Use these additional guns to take out softcover, track enemies, or engage lightly armored tanks to save your main weapons round to dealing damage. To access this weapon during battle, you will press and hold the indicated weapon swap button on the HUD.

In addition, we have added support to display a reticle for secondary weapons in Sniper View when they are the currently active weapon. These reticles will be offset to indicate where the rounds will go based on their position relative to the center of the turret. This will be seen when using these World War II vehicles as well as Cold War vehicles with multiple weapon systems.

  • T1 Heavy Tank
    • 37mm Gun M5
  • M6
    • 37mm Gun M5
  • Verzila KV-4 K + KV-4 K
    • 45mm 20K
  • Maus
    • 75 mm Kw.K 44 L/36
  • E-100
    • 7,5 cm Kw.K 37 L/24

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