M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII, Chrysler K GF & LTG Pictures

M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII:

Chrysler K GF:



14 thoughts on “M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII, Chrysler K GF & LTG Pictures

  1. I will only buy the LTG for crew training to go down the soviet lights. Other then that the other 2 have ZERO appeal to me due to me having tanks which are far superior to them.


      1. The Jumbo actually has better armor. The machine gun port on the front of the Jumbo isn’t part of the hitbox. So while the upper front of the Thunderbolt has better effective values for fighting tier 7s and whatnot, the Jumbo has a waaay better LFP and is considerably more troll for the tier.

        Then again, we’ll have to see how it plays out. :P That machine gun port is pretty glaring:



  2. If there are photos how Thunderbolt VII looked like, these Belarussian idiots will make it in their “original” way. Is it so hard to apply at least the correct bubble texture, with its top protruding to the hull? Not mentioning other Minsk extras. Arrogant and lazy shitheads.


    1. i dont like a tank with NOTHING on it. this tank could have very well driven around europe in ww2. the crew would put as many crates with extra ammo, fuell, supplies, tools, food, weapons and many more things, they didnt wanted to run out. i dont really like that ”thunderbolt VII” insignia on the side, but hey it was historical. i really like this tank, a little more armoured tier 6 but has probably lower mobility than the jumbo


      1. Thunderbolt VII was not an ordinary tank. It was the last tank of the legendary colonel Creighton Abrams during his Europe blitz. It was also the tank that made it here to Bohemia up to the final days of war (so every Czech known to that should be proud to have it). Yes, it had many crates etc on it. But those WG shitheads had to look to photos to make it correct, as this is not a general M4A3E8, this is supposed to be Thunderbolt VII. The bubble with a name inside is wrong as on many 1/35 models, so WG shitheads were once again inspired by something like this, not even trying to check any single photo.


  3. I hope that the Thunderbolt will be some US addition to the Berlin Trio with a 0-perk crew. Then I will go and buy it.


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