9.18 Expected Release Date

It’s supposed to be a large patch.

News from WG — 21 March
WG official announcement – 22 March.
Announcement for Common Test: 20-24 March
Supertest closing — 23 March
Release of the first Common Test of the patch 9.18 — March 29-30
Release of the second Common test of patch 9.18 — 6 April
Patch release — 2nd half of April 2017.

26 thoughts on “9.18 Expected Release Date

  1. Alright. My CS tree proposal will get a bigger update during the public test phase – mainly to accomodate LT rebalance, tier 9,10 LTs included.
    (Nothing mind-blowing though. I’m no tank buff or historian, even if Škoda archives seem to be like 2 floors below my office 😀 It’s gonna be fake and wrong and SS would throw a tantrum, but… hopefully workable enough for the game.)

      1. Well that’s probably useful in a way. I frankly don’t remember where half of the information in that tree came from and wouldn’t be able to search it back in some cases if someone asked from where did I get such and such info.

        Anyway, I’ve asked him for an input at that reddit page where he called some parts total crap and never got any. So, you know, tough luck.

        Either way there is a lot of data bending in the process when you’re trying to fill in tiers with someting that’s not always quite there. Can’t be helped really. Looking at the names, sizes and stats of some of those top tier LT guns, I don’t think I’m doing much worse than that >_>

  2. Interesting that it’s 9.18 and not 10.1; new mm and a totally revamped scout tree would seem to justify leaving 9 behind. This is really the beginning of a whole new game.

    1. I expect 10.0 to be HD maps :
      -8.0 was the first physics
      -9.0 was the new graphics
      -the physics upgrade in 9.15 stayed “9.15”
      -HD maps are a huge thing and they also changed for a new graphic engine aswell

      Expanding a tree isnt significant enough for a new big number ; and MM is background, as important as it is it wont be noticeable that much DURING gameplay, it wont affect the way you play, just what you will play with and against. I wouldnt call that the “beggining of a whole new game”, especialy considering how poorly designed the tier X scouts are. Just fast MTs with less armor, oh wow big design change.

      Other option would be keeping 10.0 for global rebalance, in which case we can wait for another hundred patches… I’d actualy expect rebalance to be a 1.0.1 patch (we’ll still be in 0.9.18, not just 9.18)

      1. 9.0 was not about new graphics, i believe it was about internal changes in scripts introducing many bugs and breaking some mods. I think new graphics (improved sun haze) was in some late 8.X patch

  3. What is the large part of this patch then ?

    -I doubt it’s HD maps yet. We know that 3 or 4 were already re-made ; but I think we have like 30 maps currently in the game (even if we only see 5…). And they cannot spread HD maps like they did with HD tanks because some assets are used on multiple maps ; and also having a fully remade map next to an old SD map will make the game look like garbage. It works for tanks because they’re small and you cant spend too long looking at them, but when its the whole map… I mean if I play once on the new Cliff and right after that I’m back to malinovka I’ll get eye cancer…

    -New LTs ? They wouldnt want to overhype a dozen of new tanks especialy when in the end its just fast mediums with less armor. I dont see the point of tier X LTs currently because to me they sound broken, they cant perform a real important scout role because every class has insane view range, and they shouldnt perform a dpm role because thats what mediums are for… If that’s what they call “large” I’d be disapointed…

    -New MM, especialy with arty hardcap… If the new MM was about to come out they would need to rework all personal missions relying on MM… And they only started looking at medals for arty kills, so peobably not for now.

  4. So light tank tier X at mid April?
    Dang, I still need 100k EXP++ for AMX 30 (I already have BC tho), and I definitely won’t play that BC 12t which seems like a total turd.
    Guess I need to just get AMX 13 105 if I can’t reach 30 before the deadline.

  5. Can you guys research obout what is going to happen with the pren lights, like the Type 62 (wich needs a buff)?

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