WoWS: IJN Kaga Leaked

Tier: 7
Plane capacity: 90
„Its plane capacity is almost equivalent to Taiho, and WG initially used Akagi as T8 carrier prior to CBT. Japanese CVBG-1 (Kaga & Akagi) were the response to Lexington at that time, and Akagi was converted from Amagi’s hull, while Kaga was converted from Tosa’s hull; Kaga has a bit larger plane capacity than Akagi’s.”

Thanks to J. for sending this to me.


48 thoughts on “WoWS: IJN Kaga Leaked

      1. In my opinion Akagi is reserved to be a regular ship in a second CV line. WG mentioned long time ago they plan to add hybrid ships like Tone, Ise as well as carriers refitted from BBs. Shinano tier 10 hype.

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        1. WG should have split two CV line, one with BB refitted as CV with Shinano as t10, and the other one is the current lineup.

          It’s a waste of having Kaga as a prem

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    1. please don’t, kancolle is a “light”/”soft” version of strike witches
      it is a cheap poducted aimed to take how much they can from “simple-minded”/dumb dudes, whatever can we say about a game, later animated into a cartoon, on which a “ship” displacement is shown by how large their breasts are, that’s such an “interesting” plot
      at least AHA and GUP had a plot


      1. You can criticize the anime however you want, cause it was seriously shit, but saying the game itself is trying to farm money from dumb people is just outright incorrect, the F2P economy is quite pleasant and you can get away with not paying at all, in fact, Japan is filled with these kind of games, and Kancolle was the successful game among the bunch, otherwise why would a shitty game get an anime and movie adoptaion

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        1. when I mentioned it was “aimed to take how much they can from “simple-minded”/dumb dudes” I obviously meant the anime because I know a lot of good animes that would even interest the most sceptical westerners if given a chance, yet people have a misconception about anime due to cheap, low quality and with no standards examples like strike witches
          I do however understand why WG is trying this new collab, in kancolle there is a larger number of characters that are also represented in WoWs

          still, displacement being represented by breast size does not go well as a example of what kind of plot the game might have


            1. “western animation” don’t know where you found it but it definitly was not on my comment, I wrote “animes that would even interest the most skeptical westerners if given a chance”, not western animaton but western public who say anime is bad without ever trying to watch a good series

              btw yes, there is also animation in the west, that’s exactly what pixar does, “animated movies”


      2. Let me see, I am neither simple minded nor a dude. I found the characters entertaining and cute, as well as their relationships with each other. The “plot” which it supposedly didn’t have I found engaging as well as intense at times, and I lost sleep over the second to last episode because I was so worried. If you really think its all pervy stuff then you have not actually watched the anime and have been spending too much time looking at fanart, which frankly is rather disgusting.

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          1. please don’t put Naruto and similar level works (Bleach, One Piece, Detective Connan, etc…) in the same “boat” as kancolle, sure there are some weird fanart but it is not exclusive to anime, the internet is full with smosh fanart because it happens that fans try to despict what they wish to happen despite realizing it is not headed in that direction
            still you cannot compare Naruto which is the result of the hard work of a artist, like any Marvel/DC comics, with something like kancolle or strike witches brought to be as a comercial product since day 1

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            1. You see, the KC anime in itself may be a commercial product from day one (and, make no mistake, so are Naruto, Bleach, OP, Detective Conan and most other anime based on popular manga), and is utter crap IMHO. But that’s just for the anime.

              As one of those who bashed on KC since forever (just like SW) because I thought “crap series, must be a crap game, what good may come from a titfest like this”, but in one of my trips to Japan I stumbled on the KC arcade, and my friends wanted to play it. And I was extremely surprised to see that it was actually very interesting, so I ended up playing the browser game… And holy hell, I must admit I was VERY wrong about KC: quests and events based on historical battles and missions, the shipgirls’ designs and personalities being much more clever and well-thought than I expected, a combat system much more intrincate than many browser/mobile games…

              TL;DR: The game itself is actually much, much more interesting than one would expect initially. And the developers put a lot of work and research on it. (Sorry for the anime fans, but I still think that’s utter crap).


              1. “make no mistake, so are Naruto, Bleach, OP, Detective Conan and most other anime based on popular manga”
                you are riht but when I mention “day 1” I mean the core/original product

                for manga like, Naruto or Dragon Ball, to reah here they did means the artist had the talent and dedication to do it
                Dragon Ball, for example, is loosely based on the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, at least the childhood part, and Naruto mixes many japanese legends but also some chinese and even indian mythologies, as you would expect it takes time to gather and apply that information to their stories and tht is infinitely more than the effort it took to create kancolle or strike witches

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      3. M8, the kancolle anime is not really the centrepiece of the franchise. When the fans on about the memes, it’s always refer to the original web game.

        And yes, the kancolle anime is pos, I despised its existence.

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      4. And displacement and breast size doesn’t correlate in Kancolle; there’s quite a few of the exceptions like Ryujo, Hamakaze, Ushio, Zuihou…..

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          1. The game itself is not good due to having more bullshit RNG than WoT does, but the seasonal events plus shipfus are the elements that make it attractive.

            IMO the standardisation of art style in Kancollle anime is awful , but that is just me…


  1. Secondary build with 200mm guns on a CV sounds great xD But honestly I thought she would be on the second line of conversions with Akagi and Shinano. Also if they add Akagi I would like to have a chance to get her from Amagi like Tiger P-Ferdinand. Maybe if they add a special consumable for her because the speed is so low (heal on a CV? Lol)


    1. Amagi and Akagi were planned as battlecruisers as successors of the Kongou class. Tosa and Kaga were planned as battleships as successors of the Nagato class. That’s why Kaga is much slower


      1. Graf Zeppelin’s planned capacity of 42 aircraft was without any parking on the flight deck, and also with Bf 109 T fighters that lacked folding wings. Seeing as the Bf 109’s wingspan is greater than its length, that would make for a lot of wasted hanger space. If GZ is implemented in WoWs under the assumption of a folding-wing version of the Bf 109 T, the planes could be packed closer together and capacity would increase.


  2. Well nice to know the Kaga got leaked but watch the Akagi be at Tier 8. Since the Kaga has 90 planes they are most likely going to be Lower tier planes so we can probably expect Tier 5 Zeros maybe if I’m correct.


  3. “It was just a perfect dive because the Kaga was heading into the wind so I was coming downwind onto a carrier that was on a steady course. My dive got really steep. I put my bombsight on that red rising sun on the bow of the carrier.” – Lieutenant Wilmer Earl Gallaher, VS-6

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  4. If Kaga could equip Defensive AA Fire consumables, her battle performance would become better when confronting T9 planes launched from Saipan.
    BTW, Defensive AA Fire on mid-tier CV would be another unique feature on Kaga (maybe using the same AA consumable as Shokaku’s), while this consumable is currently available to aircraft carriers from T8.


  5. Was planning on saving up for Roma, but this changes everything. I mean okay, carriers have a bad economy and all that, but come this is one of the most iconic KanColle shipgirls here, she’s a must-buy. :D

    Still, I wonder how she’ll compare to Saipan.


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