New Light Tank XP costs

Required experience to research the new LT’s (thanks to Vlad for translating):

Nation – Tier 8 (fully research / research tier 9) – 9 (fully researched / research tier 10) – 10 (2nd gun, if applicable)

USSR — 8 (45600/105000) – 9 (67900/219400) – 10
Germany — 8 (59200/131000) – 9 (38500/214500) – 10
USA — 8 (68300/122200) – 9 (79400/227500) – 10 (18900)
France — 8 (39330/220000) – 9 (54200/215000) – 10
China — 8 (45000/253000) – 9 (123900/234000) – 10


18 thoughts on “New Light Tank XP costs

  1. I really hope someone accidentally added an extra 100k xp requirement for the Chinese and French tier 9s. According to these numbers their 9s cost more xp than the 10s. Also, aren’t the 10s xp costs the highest besides arty?


    1. If you have XP on your current T8 it will stay at that Tank if it moves to T9 (French, German, US, USSR) or stay on the T8 (China)


  2. These numbers are considerably higher than on Sandbox….will have to wait for the Test Server for a clearer idea


      1. I bet my good reputation that those French and Chinese tier 8 numbers has something to do with … moment of dramatic silence … with fact that there are two tier 9s being researched from them.
        French, you know, “new” tier 9 light 13 90 and old tier 9 medium AMX 30 proto.
        Chinese new t9 light 132-whatever and WZ-120 old t9 medium tank.
        Simple, yet confusing in those numbers.


  3. So the gun for Sheridan cost 18900XP?? Almost 1/3 of the 12.8cm on StuG.Emil.How terrible!
    Furthermore,Chinese T8 to T10 need 655900XP while Soviet line only 437900XP?


    1. 18,900 for the awesome 105 isn’t bad, considering you start with the derp gun. You can grind out 19K XP in no time.


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