9.17: New Armor Values (SU-122-44, SU-76I)


12 thoughts on “9.17: New Armor Values (SU-122-44, SU-76I)

    1. Shet yeah, SU-76i gets 15mm armor on like a 1cm stripe, nobody will ever pen it anymore, SU-76i=win now.
      SU-122-44 gets the track as little armor and a little more armor on the stripe around the gun, omg. how will the T9’s it faces ever pen it?


      1. Dude, the 76I can only face up to tier 4 tanks, and usually gets in tier 3. Also, its angles has been changed as well, making it more effective.

        In another article, the Q&A one, one of the questions was regarding the SU-122-44, and the dev answering it said that it is broken and will need a complete overhaul.

        So quit whining like a little bitch, I also have the 44, I know how much of a pain it is to play it in tier 9 battles! Jeez!


        1. While this may be true, it is quite frankly, pretty shit of them to recognize that the vehicle is difficult to play and still do nothing about it, citing “lol tough luck, maybe later”.

          I mean … what? So we’re being fucked over and they refuse to do anything to improve the situation.
          What Murazor said sounds to me like, well, we can’t do shit about it now and idk if we ever will, idc that you spent money on this product.


          1. I agree.
            They are probably preparing to fix it in the Sandbox overhaul.
            But even then, it’s been so many years since the SU-122-44 exist in the game, yet they wouldn’t fix it, naaah.

            Just simply making it have limited MM would actually fix all the problems with it.
            That is all.


    1. Somebody is mad about Premium tanks being broken/good?…

      Let me just grab my

      Panther M10
      Cromwell B
      Pz IV Hydro
      Pz B2
      Valentine II
      FCM 36 Pak 40

      and get to work then…

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  1. …i can tell u only 1 think – i dont give a shit anymore, of course i still play WoT here and there , but since i already unlocked@elited all regular tanks, it feels much better – cos i dont need to grind, to chase missions@marathons, to win at all costs, to spend real money. Im just waiting for new swedish tanks :)


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