9.17: New Armor Values (WZ-111)


13 thoughts on “9.17: New Armor Values (WZ-111)

    1. Consider the tank is not complete, the hull that existed IRL KZ(WG’s distributor in China) has not done proper research on it, so leaving so much space for SerB Minsk Design Bureau to “reblance”


  1. More armor, more armor, more armor.
    Good luck for all IS-6 players (including me :( ) because after this is done, not even the gold shells can help!


  2. Lol not even they’re reworking the overmatch, they need to buff the top of the turret aswell?

    Also, LFP is gonna be 165-175mm effective (with AP normalisation), once again wrongly calculated thickness.


  3. If they buff armor without nerfing other aspects then people will just shoot gold. My no gold policy might take a change soon if they keep buffing weakspots of all tenks. And yes lower plate is a weakspiot, from 80mm to 120mm is a huge fucking buff.


  4. I strongly belive that all tenks should have weakspots and strongspots, bút it is not reasonable to buff the lower plate from 80 to 120mm no fucking way. Tenks that could pen the wz with proper aiming cant and that is bullshit.


  5. This buff to wz and 112 is even worse than the is3 buff because these tenks always had a weak lower plate, that was the trade off of having 390 alpha, mobilty AND pref MM. Now these pref MM tenks will just stop lower tiers like nothing, since some of them dont even have prem ammo that exceeds 190mm pen.


  6. Finally my WZ-111 could actually move forward without fearing that a tier 6 medium could shoot me anytime at my big weak LFH and damage my ammorack.

    So yeah, it’s that bad. I agree that things like 112 buff is overwhelming, but the only point where WZ-111 is strong is it’s turret. Buffing its LFP to normal tier 8 HT armor level is just to make this tank could actually use armor against lower tier. Against tier 9 they can still pen its hull armor like butter,

    If you are a tier 6 light/medium tank, just flank it ffs. Why are you expecting otherwise?

    Regards, from a mostly light/medium tank player.

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  7. ..nice buff, i like it. (provided all players should already have this tank – we had 2x wz111 marathons), so everybody should be happy :)


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