9.17: New Armor Values (Pz.Sfl.IVc, KV-2, Sturer Emil)


6 thoughts on “9.17: New Armor Values (Pz.Sfl.IVc, KV-2, Sturer Emil)

  1. So, more armor and less armor on the KV-2
    I’m not even mad.

    Did the Sturer’s tracks become wider?…

    The Super Toaster now has a completely useless armor strip on its LFP. But even if someone was to accidentaly shoot there, it would still go through.


  2. overall there’s no buff on KV-2’s armor. Meanwhile KV-2’s gunner has a new jojo skill, having Stalin as Sutando and carry the shell to enemy….WRYYYYYYYYYYYYY


  3. well, what I find alarming to say at best: WG tends to use the switch to HD-models to get rid of “weak spots” like MG-ports, drivers hatches and the like. this is going straigth into the “more noob friendly”-direction.

    and while this move will lessen the WTF-moments for unexperienced players (“how on earth could the enemy pen me? my armor is sooo strong, according to the garage value? cheaters !!einself!!!”), it takes out more and more options to defeat stronger armored enemy tanks. well, except you use the “two times two”-option to solve problems. totally unintentional, eh? o.O

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