9 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console – Tiger Hammer Developer Diary

    1. Yeah, as he said no historical battles. Just some simple PvE missions that you can only play solo for now and they are temporarily adding a couple new ones for this event. The last two they did that were tied to the Motherland event had some very nice aesthetic changes compared to the standard maps so it will be fun to see how these turned out.


      1. Never noticed the changes myself. Spotlights on Prok is all.
        I just ran ’em for the sake of it, no intent to replay, as the AI is astoundingly terrible, I swear 30% WR players are more of a challenge to fight.
        Note: I’m not a WR-padder / gloater, but at 30%, said player is either the unluckiest person ever, or detrimental to the team.


  1. Got an email saying I could get this tank for free via a mission if I play for 13 days straight. Looked at the image of it and thought… nope. I did the Motherland T-54 one, that was bad enough.


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