WoWS Q&A – 15th August 2016 – Soviet BBs coming next year

Thanks to Carnotzet.

According to this post, Soviet battleships are planned to be added next year.

Now, we don’t know if it concerns a full branch or only a few premium ships (even if the formulation seems to point at the former).

Please be cautious when taking this information for granted since plans can always be altered. It is but one statement made by one developer and is not to be taken as an official announcement. I know how plans for new branches can get people all worked up (especially when the new branch happens to be a Soviet one) so please don’t jump the gun and start a flame war for nothing. Besides, we have no information on the other branches WG is planning to release next year. Thank you.


31 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 15th August 2016 – Soviet BBs coming next year

  1. Actually…the Soviet BB line will be mostly made up of ships that were at least laid down and should be well documented in the plans department. For example, my expectation is that the Brit Tier 9-10 BBs and CAs will be paperclads.

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    1. Uhm, the soviets actually did win the war you know…more so than any of the other allies..and I’m telling you as a proud englishman, so I don’t really see your point. And also I’m pretty sure we’ll se atleast 3-4 fantasy RN BB’s of the 10 there’s gonna be.


    2. There is cause for bitterness…still it doesn’t change the fact that your British Tier X BB is going to probably be the “N3” (a paper ship) and the Tier X CA is probably going to be a very conceptual super cruiser requested by Churchill on his second go-around at the Naval Ministry.

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      1. I actually don’t even see the problem with paper-ships. They are not really made up by WG but are based on blueprints, or atleast ideas of people who actually lived then and used (mostly) technology and knowledge that was available at that time..

        Those paper-ships were not build mainly for three reasons:

        1.) money – that shouldn’t really bother us
        2.) politics – see above
        3.) the war ended


        1. Problem with paper ships is that everytime WG wastes time working on them, real historic ships are pushed further down the pecking order (it’s already bad enough knowing that it takes ages to model one ship). WoT did this and while they do have a large variety of tanks, many are actually still missing (Marder III, BT-42, P40 etc). If you really don’t mind that then good for you. My point is don’t expect some real ships to appear in WoWS anytime soon, if ever.

          Personally I am looking forward to Soviet BBs but only because the lower tiers will likely consist of Imperial Russian Navy ships which are my only interest. The other half of the tree could’ve been better spent working on the RN, French or Italian tree. It’s not like we have CW or esports, so there’s really no point in tier 10.

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          1. Marder III is in the game, Ausf H as Marder 38t. Not sure if you mean some specific variant is missing but Marder III is indeed in the game.


  2. The Sovietsky Soyuz will propably be Tier X…as it actually was laid down and fully documented it’s not so bad. Tier 1-5 will be propably Russian Empire BBs similar to the Emperor Nikolay and 6-10 proposed projects that were leading to the Tier X Sovietsky Soyuz class.

    I’m actually looking forward to it..the more the merrier, as I’m actually looking forward to the French, Italian and hopefully Austrian Navy..or something even more exotic…

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  3. maybe project 25 for tier IX and project 24 for tier X
    i don’t know what tier VIII will be but i think tier 7 is project 69


  4. I have a bad feeling about Royal Navy Battleships and cruisers
    And how to balance 406(or 457mm)on top tier CCCP BB, those infos as known as the theory statistics


  5. The way I figure a British BB branch would look is 12″-gun ships at T3, 13.5″-gun ships at T4, “R” Class at T5, Queen Elizabeths at T6, KGVs at T7, “Nelson” at T8, “Lion” at T9, and “N3” at T10. “Vanguard” is your T8 premium. This is unless “Vanguard” is T9 and the “Lion” is T10.


    1. I think vanguard may be teir 7 cause of the 15inch guns, i hope teir 6 to be the King George V and teir 8 and 9 to be be either the lion or the nelson


    1. Ummm they have tissue ships from beginning, tanks and ships are very different, prototype tanks don’t take a lot of time, money and materials/manpower. Prototype ships can’t really exist cause if it fails you could possibly bankrupt a nation let alone waste all the things that could be use for other ships.

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  6. I for one am actually hoping it’s a full line, I want to play the Gangut, Imperista Mariya and the Sovetsky Soyuv. As for other lines for next year I heard somewhere(I think the forums?) that a line of French ships and another line for the Royal Navy will arrive.


  7. Well, in the event that the Soviet BB line is OP the WG community can always pull off another “Rubicon Complaint” right

    except who’s the exec. that would step in to balance things out, will it be the big man Kisley (was it) again?


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