Interview with Warpack developer Sherman

Thanks to Vlad for translating. His work is crucial for TAP.

– Good day
Sherman: What do you want from me? (annoyed, but was calm later on)

– After WoT 9.15.1 and the transition to AS (Seb: ActionScript) 3.0, did you encounter any problems?
S: No. Well, yes, but in a different way.

– Did you hear about WG’s steps against forbidden mods? Wargaming was searching for specialists and apparently found them. There was an opening for an Anti-Cheat Analyst.
S: Did you read “The Stainless Steel Rat”?
– No, but Wikipedia gave the following: a series of sci-fi, humorous books by Harry Harrison.
S: I’m talking about that instead of an opening, they could’ve just PM’ed me :) The main idea of the story is built upon the theory that the best anti-thief would be a thief himself, hired because of some reason.
– Wargaming didn’t contact you since our last conversation?
S: Did they even have the desire to contact me?
WG seemed to have server-side problems. And they are searching for an analyst who can fill the holes in the server. My proposition – most likely they fired some key figure and are now trying to find spots which this figure now left unattended.

– Recently there was a rumor that WG will implement codes (access keys), thus completely freeing themselves of unwanted mods etc. What do you say?
S: Well, these are rumors, and they’re far away from ships. In ships, there was the “stopwatch” scandal, so it’s kinda likely that it will come.

– You watch ships more closely than tanks? :)
S: Not really. I know, that Zhivets was demoted.
– What was this scandal in ships about?
S: In the client, on aiming at the right spot where it would hit the enemy, the stopwatch next to the reticle would blink. Modmakers would do mods that did an acoustic signal when you were on point and other adaptions.
Not one of the WoWS mod makers recieved a ban, though they used an aim predictor which was in the client.

– Did you hear about the “mortar” aim mode which allowed for throwing shells behind houses and mountains and how fast it was shut down?
S: This technology was known to us, we implemented something similar but did not publish it. This is shut down easily on the server side: the shell, contrary to laws of physics, simply doesn’t return to the ground. Sometimes, I get the impression that the devs themselves don’t know how the game should look like.

– Why are mods which could be developed and added to Warpack, for example the “mortar”, such an easy thing and were not done earlier?
S: In principle, a mortar strike is quite a realistic situation. But some mods don’t pass the collective colloqium.

– Do you have connections to foreign modmakers?
S: No. Well, there aren’t any good modmakers there, but good hackers. I think that’s why in ships, they started pursuing us and not our foreign colleagues. Mods are way easier to track than anything controlling the client from outside. My advice is the following – if you want to remove the “forbidden” from the game, invite the ones who make the “forbidden” things.

– If WG accomplished something regarding unwanted mods, will you search for exploits and use them?
S: We didn’t break or exploit anything in the past or not in regards to WG. To search exploits we first need obstacles :) There are none in (World of) tanks. And we’re having less customers anyway. You can find everything on the internet for free…


28 thoughts on “Interview with Warpack developer Sherman

  1. Should WG hire them? No. Why should they? What good will that do? Do they hope to make good mods then suddenly? Sure the US gov is known to hire people that have hacked their servers to protect them later. But comparing that to mod making is not really the same is it?

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    1. The mod system is flawed from the get-go – you cant block cheat mods without blocking every mod.
      So…..GG :D
      Unless, of course, bots – those are so easy to spot.


      1. Except they aren’t for many. Proof is simply – got accused of being bot multiple times. Once because “I did 0 damage, that’s what bots do”. Shitty game = bot.


          1. If you mean players that do not turn the hull when tank is circling them, when driving copy american roads, when tank gets spotted they turn turret to it and keep looking in its direction when it gets unspotted etc.
            Well you would be surprised how many of the “bots” are actually players. Often small kids, or just really stupid/lazy people. Most likely arty players in real tanks :P

            Oh yeah, and don’t take my word for this, but I someone apparently tested bot programs and aimbots and the best go to like yellow recent. So you can have a bot program better than 40% of the playerbase. Not sure if funny or sad.

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            1. The bot crashes into something – turns to some side – then goes until crashes again.
              Didnt see how it does shoot – but probably aimbot which again – aims at exact tank over a map :D


  2. Warpack was always just a term for cheat mods.
    Never used Warpack myself.

    No, rly :D I didnt.
    I used repacks full of cheat mods – not all were great but hey – catch me if you can, WG – and you cant, impotents :D


    1. I belive most people think of super autoaim and scenary destruction ping when talking about Warpack… But hey I just hope cheaters have a miserable life since having to compensate for something :-)

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  3. So this is the guy who made that mod.
    Hm. Of course, I sorta expected this sort of behaviour. Almost like Storm, really.
    Oh, why do I even care. -_-

    Though, in the end, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did end up hiring him. Would fit into the WG dev team well, he already has this winning attitude! :D

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  4. version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent’ allowfullscreen=’true’ style=’border:0;’> Or 7 that month days?


  5. version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent’ allowfullscreen=’true’ style=’border:0;’> Or 7 that month days? I like him actually, weird 😐


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