WoWS: Public Test 0.5.7

The Public Test will be running from 8 June at 18:30 CEST until 13 June at 15:00 CEST. Keep in mind that this is a testing environment and unannounced maintenance and patch deployments can happen at any time during the Public Test phase.

What to expect in Public Test 0.5.7?


You may have already encountered the Cyclone on North in the previous update. Now the bad weather is spreading to more maps and more high-Tier battles! This will put you into some new challenging situations and will make the use of the Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar consumables ever so important.

Brand new upgrades for your ships

Our analysis of the popularity of upgrades has shown that many upgrades were practically never chosen, especially upgrades for auxiliary armament. We have overhauled the upgrade system to provide you with real options when enhancing your ships.

New map “The Warrior’s Path”

The fight takes place around an archipelago near Canadian shores engulfed by cold and hostile seas. The opposing teams will have to navigate through numerous islands in order to engage their enemy. Available for battles at Tiers VII-X.

Spectator Camera

You can now easily observe the climax of the battle, after being destroyed, using the free camera.

  • Control the Free Camera using [A], [S], [W] and [D] keys, as well as with the scroll wheel of the mouse (change elevation)
  • Press [SHIFT] to switch modes
  • By pressing the [SPACE] key you can move the camera to any ship/squadron you see in the center of the screen (crosshair)