WoWS: WG EU Fail: Polish players are neglected -> RIOT

Just click on the picture. Basically, WG does an horrible job at satisfying the Polish WoWS community, with info coming late, unjustifibans and such.
I agree with the Poles.

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Dropsiq sent me a message about it and I will add a post of a forum thread explaining more in detail:
To keep you posted, here is a translation of our talk with CC from polish section, most of it regards PL section issues, but, like I mentioned, some of them relates to wider EU Community problems:
1) Forum moderation:
At present, PL forum is moderated only by Falathi. Theoretically there are few other mods, but we are yet to see them at work. Our proposition was to allow our Contributors to do some of the mods work as well as make forum moderation their responsibility. We had some posts showing real life pictures of one of the PL section user in trollish manners – such posts should be sanctioned and their posters should receive immediate perma – ban. Currently, usefull Forum content is terribly low – excluding current “spamming/trolling” situation, which we regard as WG CC own fault for ignoring our feedback earlier.
2) News Policy
Currently, access to news is restricted to WG staff. Therefore, they can’t share it with us for translating help. Falathi, and propably up to three other mods, translate those texts – and situation being as it is, they’re flooded with other work. The results are clear (yesterday example with “placeholder picture”). We suggested hiring additional peps for translation (unrealistic), or sharing the news feed with CC so they can translate those news for users.

3) Contests and finances (aka monies)
That was the trigger of whole situation. We had a contest going on PL section “sinking the Yamato”. Basically, you had to assemble a team of few dudes (5 IIRC), take some ships (there was a point limit and tier limit), and you had to take on mighty Yamato and few destroyers. Those who were able to sink Yamato should receive prizes. Alas, that was not to be. We learned that actually, PL CC’s miscalculated or whatever, and they exceeded their budget for prizes, and thus, they couldn’t send the participants their rewards. This situation is outrageous. I’ve mentioned that a lot of PL users actually made their own contests and giveaways, which were paid from their own pockets, so we wont accept something like was written above. We expect a backup from WG – codes, dubloons, prem ships for giveaways are to be enabled for different active users and clans leaders. Those rewards are meant to be given as a prizes for various contests PL section users organise.
4) Community Contributor roles
On PL section we achieved a pathological situation, in which Contributor title and role is only given to youtubers and streamers. You can be a valuable member of community, but you will have problems receiving contributor status if you aren’t streaming or making vids. Example – Carnotzet from EN section, which did amazing work with translating news and Q&A’s from various RU sites is a Contributor. His job is also much more valuable for community then another streamer with 10 – 40 viewers. This title should force you to do some “work” for community, moderation, translation, and active forum presence, above many others. It should also provide substantial rewards, as effectively a contributor is doing some of the stuff WG coordinators should do. But since not enough of them are employed/not enough time is available for them to participate in the community activities – need for more awarded and responsible contributor role surfaced.
5) Guides
We had a situation recently, where a user from PL forum, grinded his way up to Shokaku, and he didn’t even know about fighter strafing ability. There are no valuable guides available to new players at all. Coordinators should of course remedy this, but they weren’t able to do so for more than a year, so we understand it above their abilities. To remedy this, we proposed that coordinators/community will choose a experienced player and offer him a chance on doing guide in exchange for some reward (premium ships, premium time etc.). Some of the players were already very active in guide sections, but a comprehensible guides for each class, not to mention each ship is missing.
6) Future events and endgame
We share our valuable opinion about GNB’s and Team Battles. We advised to invest in some hammers and to pound into “sales” guys heads, to never again use the phrase “It’s a secret!”. We accented how important for this game is to add Clans and to repair Team Battles. However, we also accept, that coordinators have zero possibilities to actually hasten or change this, so we just wanted to be sure that our “urging” will be properly presented to higher management. Game is dying, community is dwindling, adding content is too slow and not exactly wanted (RU CA fail)
7) Removing the bans from users participating in “Ride or Die of the PL community” action
8) Regular meetings with coordinators
As active players and customers, we want to know what is happening, and in which direction the game, and our suggestions go. We want such meeting at least once a month.
That is mostly it. Another meeting in which PL CC will relate what he was able to do will be held on 18.06 around 20:00. This time we won’t accept “we passed your observations and suggestions higher/soon/can’t tell/will be done later this year” – we want solid results and decisions. If our expectations will not be met, we will continue to disturb PL section of forums in less civil manners. Right now every question that is being asked on PL section is immediately redirected to support.
So, that’s what’s currently going on PL section :D
Translated from relation taken by PancernyAgrest