PS4 Unlock: Prepare for the Tank Dynasty!

Rule the battlefield with the newest armored additions to console battlefields! China takes proven vehicles from America, Japan, and the Soviet Union before adding their own fine-tuned war machines. Check out the full arsenal from Tank Dynasty!


Watch WoT developers demonstrate the potency of the Chinese arsenal on Tuesday, June 14, 14:00 PT / 17:00 ET at

Chinese Tech Tree

Light Tanks:

• Renault NC-31, Vickers Mk. E Type B, Type 2597 Chi-Ha, M5A1 Stuart, 59-16, WZ-131,  WZ-132

• Type 64

Chinese light tanks are nimble and boast some of the best mobility and maneuverability in-game! These low-profile speedsters can be played as “light-medium tanks” given their potent cannons and rounded turrets!

Medium Tanks:

• Type T-34, Type 58, T-34-1, T-34-2, WZ-120, 121

• T-34-3

Chinese medium tanks combine mobility and firepower to form ferocious flankers. At higher tiers, they lose their rates of fire for pure damage per shot, making them more adept at in-your-face brawls!

Heavy Tanks:

• IS-2, 110, WZ-111 model 1-4, 113

• 112

Chinese heavy tanks also take a page from the Soviet playbook, with tough, angled frontal armor and spherical turrets. And with high-powered guns, they’re proven brawlers in experienced hands!

“Pearl River” MAP

One would think mountainous terrain would keep tanks away, but not this map! Pearl River features a circular river surrounding an isolated village, which’ll now be the site of epic tank clashes!